Tuesday 7 December 2010

super sixties.

There are going to be a LOT of photographs in this post, not just of me however..

My personal favourite eras from fashion are the 1940s to the 1960s - I love all the tailoring and how ladylike everyone was, and I love how much clothes changed during that time period, due to the war amongst other things.

There are some incredible style icons from the 60s, such as Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and Mary Quant. Below are some of my favourites.

(Edie Sedgwick ; Twiggy ; Brigitte Bardot ; Audrey Hepburn ; Jackie O, Penelope Tree, Unknown ; Mary Quant)

More recently, people such as TV chef Gizzi Erskine and band The Like have taken inspiration from these icons, and they look absolutely amazing.

(The Like ; Gizzi Erskine ; Lily Allen)

When I spotted this dress from Matalan I was very pleasantly surprised. Not only is it a dogtooth shiftdress, but it also has a peterpan collar! I paired it with a velvet cape that I made with my own fair hands, opaque tights, suede heels from New Look, and of course, a beehive. I wish my hair was longer so that I could make my hair even bigger!

I think this could be a good option if I get invited to any Christmas parties.. preferably a cocktail party. Any offers....? No...?

On a different note, today Bee posted about a topic that I think everyone should be more aware of, especially at this time of year - domestic abuse. Go and read what she had to say, here.

And finally - I NEED YOUR INPUT! I said a few posts ago that I thought it would be fun to do a little cookery video, but I don't really know what I should do. I think it should be something festive, so do you have a favourite Christmassy sweet treat, or anything you'd particularly like to see?
I'd like to get it done sometime this week :)



  1. My favourite decades are definitely the 1940's through to 1960's, there's something so accessible about it, especially with the vintage trend at the moment, and everything is so ladylike and classy without being too demure. Really love your outfit sweet, that cape is SO perfect! xxxx

    PS. I'd just love a cookery video (: So different and unique to everything else in the bloggasphere at the moment!

  2. I adore your outfit, the dress is perfect. I think the 60s will forever remain dear to my heart. I became quite infatuated with Edie Sedgwick after I saw the film Factory Girl. And Twiggy/Audrey are both my favourite style icons x

  3. I totally agree with everything you've spoken about. I also love the fashion through those decades, and those fashion icons are huge influences in the way I dress. Your dress is gorgeous, you really suit it :)

    And the way you've done your make-up.. wow!


  4. I really admire the women of the 40's and 60's, so much more ladylike, they had extreme sense of style, they could be beautiful without having to be provocative, something I have never understood. I have never dressed in a way that over reveals my body, I always stick to the chest on show, legs not, vice versa rule, although I'd much rather wear a nice fitted dress that showed my figure without showing flesh. The cape is divine, you're right would look lovely, I would maybe add some long velvet/leather gloves for the party and to keep me warm outside. Maybe cook a pie? Cranberry and apple or something :) I love cooking xx

  5. Oh Lyzi, you are so beautiful. I love the look you have gone for here - you certainly wear it well! I'm also really liking your style icons. They just oozed sophistication and class back then. Thank you so much for the mention sweetie. I've had some lovely responses so far from people who experienced the same things and others that want to raise the awareness to. It means a lot to get that acceptance.

    I'd love to see you do your gingerbread recipe at some point. Actually, I think I'd love whatever you cooked to be honest dear which renders the 'would you still like me if I cooked this...' game invalid.

  6. mm great post, and I want a cocktail party to dress up nice for too, Id break out the vintage gloves too :) I am now looking for a cape after seeing yours, so am now trawling the internet! x

  7. I love this post, great photos! The cape you made is so good as well, i want one :D xxxx

  8. bake some christmassy goodies and send them in the post to me pleeeease :)

    and those heels look amazing on you! x

  9. Amazing pictures, especially yours! i cannot get over how gorgeous you are. that style works so incredibly on you!

    and i don't think you can lose with gingerbread... i've yet to find a decent recipe so would love to try yours :) x

  10. This is lovely lovely lovely!
    I would love to take your photograph :)

  11. I've just realised how much similiar you and Lily Allen are. :O

  12. that dress is absolutely beautiful on you, and completely agree with the comment above, you do look like lily! love the eye make up xx

  13. Oh I love it! You've definitely got a 60's look about u a lot of the time. I love your eyes and your hair (all the time not just here!lol) Love you're outfit, great for parties :) xxx

    You look actually amazing, and im totally jealous. I love the 60s and i wish i could rock the era like you!
    You remind me an awful lot of Lily Allen, don't take any offence cos i think she's bloody amazing! I currently want to make my hair massive and match EVERYTHING! xo

  15. That dress is great and so are all those images! Got my wool this morning and just casting on :)

  16. this post reminds me of peggy moffit, my favourite. i'm liking your blog, it's quite refreshing from the normal blurgh

  17. wow you look like lily allen in these pictures. i am in love with your blog :)

  18. Gorgeous. I need to learn how to do a proper bee hive!


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