Tuesday 14 December 2010

oh, so dearly.

I'm back in bloggerland after a rough few days to end the rough couple of weeks I've had. I'm not going into details, but I've had to make such a difficult decision. I think it's going to be for the best though, at least for a little while. It's just going to take a long time to get over.

I decided sulking was not going to make me feel any better, so I forced a smile back onto my face (apparently it tricks your brain into believing you're happy, or something?) and had a busy day making my own Christmas wrapping paper and finishing my knitted bunting, amongst other things. It would be so easy to give up and curl up in my bed and forget the world, but I'm the only person who can make my life better.

I've got to make new dreams and create my own luck. This is our one chance at life. I hope I haven't made a big mistake, but I'll find out in time..

(WEARING: snood - handmade by me ; cardigan - primark ; gold top - topshop ; skirt - zara ; tights - sainsburys.)

I'm going to a Christmas Market with my girls tonight, which should be really nice and festive. I will try and get photos but it's usually really busy so it may not be possible..

Also, at the weekend I received this little pile of goodies that I bought from Sophie. I'm going to save them and open them on Christmas day!

Finally, a very lovely Christmas song for you.



  1. WOW, I love that wrapping paper, who knew such a simple thing could make the wrapping so unique and special!

    You should start selling the sheets :)

    Look very cute in the photos as well!

  2. haha I love that you're saving the parcels. I couldn't hold on.
    Such a cute outfit. Love the cardi and skirt, and you made that snood? It looks amazing.
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  3. Oh my I adore the home made wrapping paper, it beats any bought one.
    The snood is fabulous too x

  4. i hope you feel better soon. :)

    that wrapping paper is so cute, too. i always wrap things in brown paper, but that definitely gives it more of a seasonal look. defintely going to try it out. :) xx

  5. I'm just gonna say this now and get it out of the way...Lyzi, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife? I promise we can have sausages wrapped in blankets at the wedding :) Or we'll get Hugh to cook, I have connections ya know! My aunty cut his hair one time....she didn't but shhhh we're pretending!! Next year I am going to make my own wrapping paper, I always see stuff in paperchase and can never afford it :( You're so creative, bunting, baking, making snoods, wrapping paper!! What can't you do woman!! Stop putting us all to shame *smiles*

    I hope you are ok, sometimes life is hard, and like you say only time will tell, but at the time something made you make that decision, and that decision maker was most probably your heart, and your heart is always right.


  6. Oh i love that bunting, and your skirt! Very festive! Hope you have a wonderful time at the Market x

  7. love the wrapping paper idea! :)
    and your skirt's so pretty ooh and the buntings soo cute :)

  8. Just wanted to say a quick hello and that your blog is BE-AU-TI-FUL - I followed a link (from gem with love) to your blog and then proceeded to read every entry all the way back to the first. A very lovely blog, you are obviously very talented.

  9. I hope you're okay, and that things don't suck for too long.

    On another note, your wrapping paper is cuuute! As are you, and that hand kitted snood! I need to put 'learn to knit' on my new years resolutions list too...

    Penny x

  10. You're so lovely! That wrapping paper is super cute, makes me wanna do something similar. Wish I had your magical fingertips! x

  11. you look beautiful! you have such a positive attitude it is really inspiring.. keep smiling xxxo

  12. I hope you feel better soon. I really admire your positive outlook and it is so so true that we need to make new dreams and create your own luck.
    I love your handmade Christmas bits, gifts and decorations always mean so much more when time and thought has gone in to them.

    ps, you are looking lovely! Love the cardigan x

  13. You look beautiful! Aww Lyzi :/ Sometimes the hardest decisions are the best ones in the long term. I hope that's the case for you. If not, I've heard vodka is a brilliant invention. Corr, your creative day sounds lovely - much better than my 6 hour shift! Your wrapping paper looks amazing. Kirstie can bugger off, it's all about Lyzi's homemade Christmas. Hope the market was lovely - I'm a tad jealous. Have a good week sweet!

  14. Ah your snood looks perfect! I made my christmas cards this year and used potato printing, i'd forgotten how fun it is. They ended up pretty funny and they look like my 1 year old niece made them!

  15. i hope it works out for u what ever ur talking about =]

  16. I hope whatever you've done works out for you, good luck. And just I love your diy wrapping paper, what an ingenius idea! I've bought brown paper and red ribbon anyway so might have to put some red stars on the paper a la you :) thanks for the tip, Sally x

  17. Soo many things that I love in this post- your knitted garland in the background, your snood, and your personalized wrapping paper with stars, which I love love love! :)

  18. i use brown paper too to wrap all our gifts but i never thought about making a print with a potato, i haven't done that in years! thanks for the great reminder! i have tons of potatoes!


  19. Love the paper, so simple even I might be able to give it a go. I'm not very crafty at all!


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