Monday 6 December 2010


I'm feeling much more positive this week! I think not leaving my home for an entire week made me go a bit mad. Lesson well and truly learnt!

I saw my best friend on Saturday evening and then went and met some other friends and my brother and his wife and had a fun night. The next day we went to Exeter and had amazing pizza for dinner and then went to see Xavier Rudd. He was really brilliant - really chilled out beautiful music. With didgeridoos! We saw him at Boardmasters in the summer, which was a better atmosphere to be honest, but it was still great.

This is what my Monday has looked like so far!

(My brother's cats Senna and Chay ; crafty and yummy things)

You simply MUST watch this video, How To Be Alone. It's so beautiful and makes me feel happy and wonderful. Honestly, I think it could make your day.

PS. I must say thank you for all your continuing and growing support! I love getting your comments so so much, makes me all happy inside my heart. LOVE!



  1. Oh my your brothers cats are gorgeous!!! wow! Glad you're feeling more positive. I've got that video loading now :) xxx

  2. Like I tweeted, I adore that video! Glad you had a good time. Your brothers cat looks strangely like my youngest. Maybe they are feline siblings :O

  3. Aww I don't even like cats, but cuuuuuuuute. Good luck with your stitching, I couldn't do that for toffee!!! Fab photo work. Gonna listen to the vid now :) xxx

  4. Such a sweet video, and I have cat envy, what a pair of cuties!

    Penny x

  5. Aww jealous you saw Xavier Rudd, actually love listening to his stuff. Glad you're feeling better :)

    l x

  6. aww the first photo looks like my kitty. so cute!

  7. thank you for posting this. XO

  8. Hey, Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog, you are very pretty and I love your style. That's all :) xxx

  9. Oh I've holed myself inside for a week before: not good in the slightest, you go a little stir-crazy! Beautiful photos of your brother's cats, how adorable (: I love handmade crafts, knitting is so therapeutic! xxx

  10. hello little l! glad you're feeling better!

    thanks so much for your comment on my ranting post haha. i really want to get into writing more and your comment was very encouraging! i appreciate it.

    graduation week was awesome in chelt, you should have come up! i chit chatted with oli for a bit and basically gushed about you and your awesome art, crafts and blog haha <3 I think you're amazing. can't wait for you guys to start up Total Jerk, it's gonna be huge!


  11. ps. the video did make my day, thanks for sharing it. I used to love going to dinner alone after work when I lived in america. I'd love to go clubbing alone hah, I love dancing like no ones watching :D


  12. i've watched this video before and it's amazing!

  13. that video is the most wonderful, beautiful thing ever, thank you for sharing and putting a smile on my face :) xx

  14. that video is so lovely thank you so much for posting it <3! i'm sitting in studying and it made my night :)

    love your blog :)

    K x


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