Friday 5 December 2014

henry westons mulled cider.

Being from Devon, I always feel a slight pang of guilt whenever I admit that I don't really like cider.. the only cider I can get on board with is the mulled variety, and while making your own is a lovely process (and you can get it juuust how you like it) sometimes you just can't be bothered. So it's nice to have a box or two of this lovely stuff hanging about when you fancy a warm, alcoholic drink on a chilly evening - and boy, it's been chilly lately! 

Henry Westons sent me a few boxes of this amber beauty to try, and it's been going down a treat! It's lovely and mellow, with a sweet and slightly spicy edge. My favourite way to heat it up is in a saucepan with a few slices of orange. 

Light them candles, snuggle under a blanket and enjoy. 

You should be able to find this lovely drink at Tesco, Co-Op and Waitrose! 

Have you had any mulled drinks yet this year? Do you have an amazing recipe for your own? Do share! :)

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  1. Mmm, this sounds really good. I've had a few cups of mulled wine, but not any mulled cider.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. I love cider! This sounds amazingggggg! Have a lovely weekend Lyzi! :)

  3. I loved mulled cider, I haven't had any yet this year, only mulled wine! x

  4. yummmmm! I LOVE CIDER! Westons are so good too!

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only Devonian who doesn't like cider :) x

  6. Yum! Henry Westons are my favourite! Xx


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