Sunday 28 December 2014

11 alternative new year's eve ideas.


Some people love it, but I'm not into the hustle and bustle of going out on New Year's Eve. In fact, some of the best ones I've had have been when I've stayed in and had very low expectations of the whole thing! This year, I'm heading to one of my best friends' houses for a little party with some lovely people. 

Don't fret if you haven't got anything planned, how about one of these simple ideas...

• host an intimate dinner party, with only the most special people & your favourite foods.

• write a letter to yourself, to open next NYE.

• make a flask of something hot, put on lots of layers and find a nice spot to watch all the fireworks that will inevitably be going off at midnight.

• run a hot bath, light some candles, put on your favourite music and soooaaaaak. 

• challenge yourself to eat a whole box of those assorted biscuits you always get at Christmas.

• invite your best friends over, and tell them to bring their pjs, a favourite snack & a favourite movie. PYJAMA PARTYYYY!

• got musical friends? Invite them over to play a little gig in your living room. Pay them in hugs.

• get out that dress you've been saving for "best" and dance like crazy. 

• ask your friends to bring over 1 spirit, 1 mixer and 1 extra (fruit, syrup etc) and have fun making your own cocktails! 

• play board games all night, and then have a midnight feast full of all your favourite childhood treats!

• light a candle, make a wish, and blow it out. 

The great thing about these ideas is that you can combine a few of them to make it the loveliest New Year's Eve you've ever had! 

Have you got any nice suggestions that I haven't thought of?

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  1. These are such cute ideas!

  2. loved this post, such cute ideas, thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Such great ideas! Must keep this in mind

  4. Such nice and original ideas :) I prefer staying in than going out on NYE xx

  5. Love these ideas Lyzi - def going to write myself a letter to open in a year's time. Such a sentimental soul... D': xx

  6. I think me and my boyfriend will be having a quiet NYE this year, so I will share some of these ideas with him and make new plans as we are not 100% sure what to do we we get take away...face drink...(probably cups of tea haha!) so yeah, thanks for some sweet ideas.
    merry new year to you Lyzi, hope you have a good one

    Rebekah |0910 Studio Blog

  7. What lovely ideas - I especially like the ideas of writing yourself a letter to open in a year's time and taking a relaxing bath. I'll be staying at home with my sister, parents and grandad this NYE and I really won't be missing the partying at all!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  8. We'll be having a quiet NYE this year aswell. I'm cooking a nice me for my partner and we'll probably watch the celebrations on TV. We went out last year but this past month has been quite stressful and a quiet night with no expectations is just what we need. There'll be bubbles flowing no doubt though!

  9. I love the pyjama party idea (and the cocktails sound pretty good too...) x

  10. These are really cute ideas! I'm having a quiet NYE this year so I will definitely be doing some of these things.

  11. These are lovely ideas, I'm not a fan of the whole going out thing at NYE either and will be having a quiet one at home x

  12. A couple of years ago my friend and I took a bottle of prosecco to the hill above our town and watched the fireworks going off over the whole of the area, it was lovely! Think I will take the boyf there this year with a flask of hot chocolate (possibly spiked...!). Would definitely recommend. Hope you have a lovely one whatever you get up to :)

  13. Great ideas. I'm planning on staying in this NYE after lots of them spent clubbing. The pyjama party idea is awesome, though I might just have a solo pyjama party binge watching Netflix!

  14. Loving these ideas! I think I might actually. Do the letter idea, have a great new year x

  15. Definitely will be writing a letter to myself, what a great idea! :)

  16. Another idea might be that, since everyone's gonna be staying up late anyway, you could have the ultimate movie marathon! You still get that 'up WAY past my bedtime' feeling but without the hangover and aching feet (from dancing in heels all night) the next morning! Just found your blog and I love every post I've read so far :)

    Georgie x

  17. Awesome ideas! I definitely agree that it can be a pain to go out on nye! Last year, we were meant to be meeting our friends to watch the fireworks by the harbout, but the roads were completely filled with people that we just spent hours shuffling through the crowds and not even being able to find our friends in the end!

    Happy New Years Eve :D


  18. Lovely ideas..... but paper lanterns kill wildlife and are now being banned.

  19. I really don't enjoy going out for NYE so I'm really excited to just have a quiet night in with my boyfriend this year. We're thinking cocktail making, a Netflix marathon and a lot of cheese!


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