Tuesday 16 September 2014

emily fruit crisps.

When I heard about Emily Fruit Crisps, I imagined something similar to those dried fruits you can get, but they're so much better than that.

The first thing that struck me was the absolutely beautiful packaging. I am a very visual person, so I'm often enticed by such things. Luckily, what's inside matched up to the stunning outside. I tried the crunchy apple one afternoon, and loved them. They still had the skin on, which sometimes made them a little hard to chew, but my goodness, they were delicious.

Next up, the banana ones were consumed. We expected them to be like those hard, dried banana chips you can get, but they were softer than that. They still had a lovely crunch, but they weren't as rock solid. And, of course, they just tasted like yummy bananas.

I'm not ususally a fan of pineapple, and as these crisps taste exactly like the fruits they're made of, I didn't really like these. However, Doug wolfed them down, so if you're a pineapple lover you'll love these!

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  1. Mmm these sound good. Love the packaging as well! Where can I get them? X

  2. Oh, where can we buy these? YUM!

  3. These sounds incredible, I think I briefly looked into this brand a while ago when I was looking for some yummy fruit crisps but ended up going with something else. The packaging is gorgeous.

  4. These sounds delicious, time for a new snack at work I think!

    Maria xxx

  5. The packaging is gorgeous! I want to try!

  6. they sound interesting to say the least!

  7. Wow these sound very interesting! Almost worth buying to try them yourself -very unusual. I'll keep my eye out!

    Cat from Outside Beauty Inside Health

  8. oooo these sound so delicious. I'll love to get my hands on the apple and bananas!

  9. hi lyzi!

    i want to come with some bittersweet words. i have followed your blog for a couple of years, as one of few blogs. i don't remember how i stumbled over your blog, but i'm really happy that i did. the photos you take, your creative prompts, your outfits and how you've been open about your struggles have inspired me a lot.

    i'm happy that you seem to be doing well, and that you, because of your lovely blog, get offers to come to exiting events and such. but lately i have been disappointed to find review after review of different kinds of products on your blog. this leaves me seeing your blog as another channel for commercials to steal attention from the kind of content i came here to see. i really love the content showing your everyday life, and also appreciate how you show your followers the beauty of the english countryside, your favourite restaurants, or clothes stores. these are the posts that i trust, and they are what brought me here, and what keeps me coming back.

    i'm sorry that my first ever comment is sort of a negative one, but the main point is that i love your blog, and will keep reading it as long as you keep posting those great pictures, anecdotes and beautiful creative work! please don't let the reviews take over.

    lots of love from sunniva from norway!

  10. What a wonderful blog! I love your style - so cute (and cat filled)! Following :)

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