Tuesday 22 July 2014

my Best Summer Ever list.

Malibu are currently finding out what's on people's summer bucket lists, so I thought I'd share what would make my summer the Best Summer Ever!

Sure, I've got way more than 5 things, but in no particular order...

• have an amazing picnic with some favourite people
• go to Paris for one romantic night
• find amazing creatures in the wild - snakes, dolphins, otters.. anything really!  
• find a waterfall & go behind it
• try all the ice creams
• spend the day on a deserted beach & go skinny dipping
• find a beautiful bike & go exploring on a bicycle
• go to Berlin to see one of my bffs
• go on a fishing trip, and eat what I catch
• go to an awesome gig with awesome people DONE!

Create & share your list over on the YouTube channel & see how many you can tick off by the end of August, and make sure you check back with me to see how many I manage! 

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  1. Loved this, I need to make a similar list myself, wish I could go to berlin! x


  2. I stayed in this gypsy caravan a couple of years ago and I cannot recommend it enough!

  3. Even though it's essentially midsummer, I love that everyone is still writing to-do lists because it's nowhere near over and there's so much time left when you really think about it! Your list sounds lovely. I hope you get to serendipitously check each and every one off by the end. :)

  4. These sound so idylic lyzi. Must give it a go...although mine would mainly involve food haha :o) x

  5. I hope you complete this whole list, it sounds so fun! :)
    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  6. Awesome list! Gigs are always good any time of the year!

  7. such a cute list. totally vibing with "try all the ice creams" ;)

  8. All the ice cream!

    I stayed in an authentic Mongolian yurt a few weeks ago (in Norfolk), it was amazing. Such a beautiful place to sleep and so peaceful too.

    Jx -

  9. Love this list, need to make my own! I've been doing some bike exploring this summer which is always so much fun!


  10. I love this list. I've always wanted to go behind a waterfall. It sounds magical.

  11. The Ethircurian looks amazing! Such a cool bucket list. The idea of going on a hot air balloon has always freaked me out though, I'm terrified of heights!

  12. Oh I love it! I've done my Summer bucket list on my blog too, it's such a nice idea I think!
    Miglė x | Meet Me On The Balcony


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