Tuesday 29 July 2014

festival packing tips.

So, I haven't even been home for 24 hours yet, and I already want to go back to Secret Garden Party. It was without doubt, the best festival I've ever been to. More about that soon.. for now I just want to share a few packing tips with you.

First up, before you even start packing, check the weather forecast. Turns out I didn't need those big, heavy wellies after all! Although it is comforting to be prepared for any eventuality..

Also, check out these tips from Bupa about staying healthy at festivals - I even shared one of my own!

For after the festival:

I think a great thing to do is to have a little bag of things for after the festival, that you can leave in the car - some clean and dry clothes, a bottle of water and a few snacks.. maybe some painkillers. Obviously, this isn't practical if you're travelling by other modes of transport, but it's something to bare in mind!

Versatile shoes & bag:

You want to take as little stuff as possible, as you're going to be carrying it all, so choose things that go with everything. You shouldn't need more than 2 pairs of shoes - wellies and sandals should cover most bases - and a bag that is cute and holds all your daily essentials is all you need. 

wellies • zara sandals • brit-stitch backpack •

Pretty & useful accessories:

It goes without saying that you need something floral for your hair! Flower crowns are great at disguising dirty, messy hair, or you could go for a headscarf if that's more your thing. A watch is so useful when your phone runs out of battery and you need to know what time that band is playing, or how early you've woken up. And a summery nail colour will hide all the dirt that you will inevitably get underneath your talons! 

flower crown • shore projects watch • daisynail varnish

Handy gadgets:

Always, always take a camera. There will be weird things that you need photographs of. Take a disposable as a back up plan, too. You'll probably need a torch, even a tiny, cheap one will do! Other useful gadgets I saw at SGP were portable phone chargers - definitely investing in one of those for next year!

Essential toiletries:

I don't understand why people ever take actual toilet rolls to festivals - they just get damp, thrown around, and they never fit in your bag. Pocket tissues are the way forward! Facewipes are a given - I use these ones from Boots every day and they never hurt my sensitive skin. The anti-bac in the portaloos are always sticky and weird, so take your own! 

And, finally, you NEED suncream. As I learnt this weekend, there is very little shade at festivals, and you're going to be outdoors all day, so smother yourself in the stuff!

Drinks & snacks:

There are always taps around to refill bottles, so only take one big and one small bottle of water. Over the years, my favourite foods to take to festivals have been crisps, tracker bars, beans snap pots, and apples. I now have a new snack to add to that list - Emily Fruit Crisps! I'll be talking about them more very soon...

Do you have any essential festival packing tips?

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  1. Good tips - and all your stuff is so cute too! Love the watch! XX

  2. Maybe a blanket to sit on, we went for one day at a festival and it was nice not to sit straight on the grass.

    ~ K

  3. I feel the same way, I want to go baaaack and live there forever and ever. I bought a portable phone charger to take and it really saved me. I took a waterproof/shockproof/dustproof camera so it would be ready for anything. Also, I would add glitter, take lots and lots of glitter :)

  4. I took a portable charger for the first time this year and it was a Godsend, though I'd recommend turning off your data too, as this can make the battery last a bit longer :)

  5. Great post, can't wait to see you festival pics!! I would also suggest a pair of trainers (I choose converse!) as in that hot weather wellies were too much but sandles too little for all the walking and dancing. I was there too but working a LOT running a glitter face painting stall, my pictures should be up soon :) Are you doing any other festivals this year? x

    La Dulcie Vita

  6. I really really hope I'm able to go next year! It looks amazing! Might seem odd, but I always take a loaf of bread to festivals, I love a good chip butty and it's something to soak up all that booze ;)

    Small Town Tales


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