Thursday 1 August 2013

aero bubble hopper challenge!

When I received the email from @LifeAtRed about the Aero Bubble Hopper Challenge, about a billion fun ideas popped through my head.. unfortunately when I finally had time to snap some photos, the sun had been replaced by thunderstorms (three in one day, to be precise) so I had to make do with some indoor fun! 

Now, when you live in a house as little as mine, silly races and things are kind of out of the question. So instead, I just went about my daily business... except on a Bubble Hopper. 

Scroll down to see how you could have some hoppin' fun of your own!

To be in with the chance of winning your own Bubble Hopper kit & some yummy Aero Bubbles, just comment below with your idea of how to use the Bubble Hopper in a different an usual way! Please include your email address!

The top 5 suggestions will then be selected, and you should hear back by 12th August if you're one of the lucky ones! Please make sure that your ideas are safe, innovative and original! 

Good luck!

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  1. This was brilliant! Love it :) x

  2. Love this post, the photos really put a smile on my face!

    I would definitely have to have a race and would probably have a competition to see who could jump the furthest. We have a little step off our decking onto the grass so we could go from the step and see how far we get!

    Another fun idea could be to have someone throwing Aero bubbles and me trying to catch them in my mouth while on the space hopper! So much fun to be had!

    Leanne xx

  3. I think I would have to do a bit of everyday life such as hopping to the corner shop on it... I don't mind humiliating myself really, life's more fun when you're laughing. Then I would have a race against my niece but I'd have to make sure she won as she's only little xD


  4. Hehe this is so sweet!

    I'd take it to the hospital with me when I go into labour so that I can bounce around and have some fun to take my mind off the pain!


  5. Aaah Lyzi this has completely brightened up my terrible week. You're such a little dream, I particularly enjoy the snap of you cosying up with your space hopper!

    I think I'd use my space hopper as a mode of transportation to see my best friend who still insists on hitching lifts from me all the time! That'd motivate him to get on with the driving lessons. (:

  6. HAHAHAHA this is hilarious, love it!

    Oh now... I'd love to the bubble hopper to paint my garden fence... it's half done just now and the up and down and up and down is just so tedious!! I'd rather boing boing boing!


  7. I'm trying to get fit ready for our holiday but going to the gym is so repetitive...I would take my hopper to our local country park and hop around the trails manically, getting my boyfriend to throw Aeros into my mouth every so often to keep my energy levels up!!

  8. Mint aero is my absolute favourite chocolate, and now I really want some!

    I'd would try to train my cat to balance on it, hours of fun to be had there!

    Dan xx

  9. Great idea - this post is so fun and I feel like I really want to try it!

    I would love to get a strip of bubble wrap and have a competition with a friend to see who can pop all the bubbles first on the bouncy hopper. It would be great fun!!

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  11. Lyzi this post looks so much fun!!

    Also, I love the new makeover of your blog - very you! :)

    First of all I'd have to draw a huge smiley face onto my hopper and give it a classic name, like Hank.

    Then I'd round up some friends and take him to out with us; shopping, to our local park, on a night out...

    I'd a take a photo of all the places he's been and out on my travels I'd pop one of his cheeky photo's into a book at a thrift store or something - to make someone else's day a little bit smilier.

    I once found a really nice quote written on a post it note inside a book and I've kept it till this very day.


  12. Id use mine to do something fun like take the dog for a walk. Not quite sure how the dog would like it but it'd definitely be different! x

  13. This year I ran the London 10k for charity. If I had an adult sized space hopper I think I'd defo have to use it to hop the 10k next year!x

  14. Oh my g this made me laugh. Funny girl

  15. It's cheered my face up! I love your new blog design too :)

    Erin, xx

  16. I'd totally "bounce" to work on it & end up serving customers whilst still sitting on it! imagine that!

  17. This is just utter brilliant!

    As I can't drive yet the space hopper would become my new ride, I'd treat the space hopper to a trip to the park, maybe a bar meal, I'd bounce it to work which includes a trip up 6 flights of stairs so I think things would get interesting!

    Shannon @

  18. Such a cool post haha :)
    I would have races for sure, and set up a obstacle course to hop around!

  19. haha lovely post!! :)
    I think I'd like to take mine with me whilst I went shopping (it would help get people out of the way haha!).
    Amy |

    my email is:

  20. THIS MADE ME OH SO VERY HAPPY. there are no words for how much i love this post lyzi!

  21. i would use one to bop my brother on the head and say 'Uhh-huh, wrong answer' every time he spoke.

  22. Best. Post. Ever. Also, really loving the new look blog! x x

  23. Haha brilliant! I almost didn't click on this post because they've all been quite similar but yours is so original and fun. :D

    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  24. Haha such a cute post...loved your "masterpiece" :)
    I would take the bubble hopper to a fetsival! It would be so fun bouncing around to my favourite bands. I'm not the tallest lady so it would be great using it to get a better view of the stage ;)


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