Thursday 22 August 2013

mad elizabeth vintage.

I think I'm going to call this look "pirate-vintage-boho-chic"... I've not really felt myself lately - I've been feeling in limbo, and hating the way I look - but when I threw this outfit together, that was it, I found myself a little. It's funny how making a little effort with the way you look can make you feel a teeny bit better about everything.

Ok, so, can we just take a moment to appreciate these amazing trousers? I was super disappointed when the lovely Claire from Mad Elizabeth Vintage said they were a size 14, but I'd fallen in love so I asked her to send them over anyway. Turns out they were quite small on the waist, and with a belt they fit just right. 

Mad Elizabeth Vintage are based in Leeds, but you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook, & shop vintage here!

You might've seen a sneak peek of them on my antique shopping blog post the other day, but since I tripped over my own legs that day, I decided I should probably wear them rolled up! I just tacked them with a loose hand stitch, so that I can wear them full length on a day that I'm not feeling quite so clumsy! 

The top and bag are two things that I rarely wear, but can't bring myself to ever get rid of! The bag is so chunky and sturdy, and just smells amazing. I got it a couple of years back when I was a finalist for the Company Casting Call! Seems like such a long time ago now...

Ok I apologise for the rambling, but I had the most exciting piece of news yesterday... plus it's Being Little's 3rd birthday today! In all the stress, changes and excitement recently, I totally forgot to mark it in any way. So this will have to do! 

Here's to many more years :)

• vintage headscarf
• london retro glasses +
• topshop metallic vest (old)
• primark belt & sandals
• river island leather bag (old) +
• mad elizabeth vintage trousers +

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  1. Great outfit - those trousers are so cool! I love this look! :)

  2. Love those trousers! such a simple but cute outfit. Love the head scarf too, I am working on adding scarfs to my outfits, I think I have the wrong shaped head or something, lol
    Sammy xxx

  3. Those pants are all kinds of amazing and happy birthday to your blog!

  4. I love this look. I always worry about oversized trousers swamping me but they actually look really good! x

  5. Happy blog birthday Lyzi! You look amazing! I love those trousers! xxx

  6. You look amazing here! Wish I could pull off a look like this :) x

  7. Those trousers look so great on you, hope you start to feel more like your lovely self soon :)

  8. I love this :) you pull it off really well!

  9. Oh, you're really cute! I love your outfit!

  10. I love this look and those trousers are too cute :)

  11. Happy 3rd Birthday! :D
    I think we can all feel down in the dumps with our looks and wardrobe sometimes, but you need to remember you are stunning and would look good in a bin bag :D
    I'm totally in love with your outfit, the trousers and head scarf are awesome!! xxx

  12. What programme do you use to edit your photos? :)

  13. Lovely outfit, you can deffo rock the headscarf! :) x

  14. Love your headscarf, it's a gorgeous colour. You're rocking those trousers too! xx

  15. Ahh I love Mad Elizabeth, it's a lovely store :D


  16. Love the trousers, they're lovely! x

  17. Cool outfit, your tattoos are so alt gurl..
    If you have time please check out my blog xx

  18. Feeling like you look good is always a day brightener. I think you look super cute here in those striped trousers! They look really nice and comfy too.

  19. Loving the trousers!
    Beautiful style



  20. i love your tattoos (:


    i am back with a new blog:


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