Sunday 11 August 2013

percy pig turns 21!

Who'd have thought Percy Pig was 21?! He certainly doesn't look (or taste?) his age! These delicious sweeties sure didn't last long after they arrived on my doorstep. They are SO moreish, and it was hard to share them! 

I am especially pleased about the vegetarian fizzy twists that they've brought out, so my gelatine-free buddies can enjoy these treats too. The Percy & Penny sweets are adorable as well, different coloured piggies and some strawberry hearts - perfect.

Get yourself down to Marks & Sparks for some chewy, sugary joy and help celebrate Percy's 21st birthday! 

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  1. I love all the Percy pig sweets! They're all so yummy, can't believe they're 21! xxx

  2. I'm only 1 year older than Percy, crazy!
    These always remind me of sneaking into Bath on study leave and hanging out in the park snacking on these :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  3. I work in M&S and going down the sweet isle with these treats takes a lot of determination. Doesn't help when they have bowls of them in the staff room either. Terrible will power haha!


  4. I have the most ridiculous obsession with Percy Pigs. Definitely going to stock up tomorrow! xx

  5. I LOVE Percy Pig!! I'll have to get down to M&S and stock up hahaha x
    Amy |

  6. Percy Pigs are my favourite sweets ever!!

  7. Haha this is not available in my country, but I think it's very cute :D

    X Valérie
    I'm giving away TWO custom blogger designs! :)

  8. percy pig sweets are the best! i love the percy in a twist ones but speaking as a vegetarian, i do wish that they could just make all their sweets veggie. my thinking is that if they can make one gelatine free, why not all of them? but that's just me being bitter because i just love them so damn much;) x

  9. Percy Pigs are wonderfull! Cannot believe they're 21years though!

  10. Hey I love Percy pigs!!! Although have you tried the sainsburys version? Eric the elephant! And Eric's fizzy trunks! They taste identical and cheaper!!

  11. I love Percy Pigs :) I remember they were such a treat as a kid!

  12. I love the veggie percies, not a big fan of the twists though. I can't let myself buy a bag very often as I will eat the whole thing in one go! :)
    Rosalie x

  13. I can't believe Percy Pigs are 21! They are the first sweets I remember having as a child. x

  14. I knew they must be old because I remember eating them before I became vegetarian and that was 17 years ago. At the time I found then the hardest thing to give up! I love the fizzy twists. I've already had 3 packs! X

  15. YUM, Percy Pigs have got to be my all time favourite sweet! Long live the Percy Pig!

  16. GOD i love percy pig sweets. they're just so nice!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin


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