Tuesday 26 March 2013

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Things are a little different this time around.. instead of doing it manually, emailing back and forth, waiting on payments and sometimes forgetting people (so sorry if I've done that to you!) I'm now letting Passionfruit Ads do all the work for me. It's totally secure and takes all the hassle out of it, for me and you. AND they have fun animal-y names. Just better all around I think you'll agree.

You'll notice the prices are only in US Dollars, but I have converted the prices into GBP below. If you're using a different currency just use google currency converter!

For more information, statistics etc. please see my advertising page

• Top Cat - £24.95 • Big Bun - £19.70 • Modest Mouse - £15.10 • Small Squid - £9.85 •

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  1. love passionfruit adds! makes everything so much easier!


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