Thursday, 28 June 2012

cosy on up.

There are four beautiful cushions available in the Being Little Shop right now! It was difficult for me to actually decide to part with these - as soon as I made them last week, I wanted to keep them all! I love having lots of cushions on my bed, it makes it so cosy and comfy! 

These cushions are a mix of beautiful vintage and modern fabrics, with contrasting backs! They're all different, and all so lovely. Go snap one up for yourself!


  1. :O i looove the floral one in the last photo!

  2. I used to have the same floral Ikea bedding that was in your pictures, and now I think I have this one too! Weird.
    The cushions are gorgeous, heading to check out your shop now =)

  3. They are so lovely, but I can't find them in your shop.

  4. I'm not surprised you wanted to keep them all! They're all such cute patterns :). I could easily be persuaded to buy more cushions, I barely have room left to get in my bed around the ones I already have but they just look so pretty!
    Kaz x

  5. These are gorgeous! I'm such a cushion addict, my bed and sofas are covered in them!

  6. These are amazing! You are so talented :)xx

  7. They're gorgeous, I wouldn't have been able to part with them! I particularly love the contrasting back idea :-) xxx

  8. Love the first one! Wish I had any semblance of money right now, unfortunately I'm borrowing copious amounts of money to even get to work to earn the bucks in the first place :P just spied so much on your shop that I 'need' come payday. xxxx


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