Thursday 7 June 2012

As I'm sure most of you are aware, it was recently GlossyBox's first birthday! It seems like ages ago, and this post is long overdue, but I was away for a bit and I like to give all the products a good test.

I loved that the birthday box came with a balloon, and the packaging had sweet illustrations all over. I love it when the themed boxes have interesting packaging - my favourite was the natural box.

Anyway, here's what I got, and what I thought...

For me, this has the PERFECT scent. It's light and floral, and really does smell like summer. I think it's pretty hard to go wrong with a bath/shower gel, so this gets a thumbs up from me.

I can be quite fussy with perfumes, so neither of these are really my cup of tea. They're both quite heavy, I find. I love the packaging of the Si Lolita one though, and it's my favourite scent out of the two.

 Wasn't entirely sure what to do with this, as all the information on the box is in German.. I put it on my face a few nights in a row and it didn't do anything, so I'm still in the dark to be honest! If you used this and it did something, please let me know!

 My hair is thick and frizzy, and not much tames it. As with most of the other products I've received in GlossyBoxes that claim to de-frizz your hair, this did nothing for me! I think for finer hair it would probably work better, but I need something more industrial strength..

 LOVED these lashes! They didn't require any trimming down to fit my eye, and they were cute and flirty on. They were quite long, but as they aren't very thick, they didn't look too overdone. The thin strip also meant they were lightweight and easy to position.

I have been in need of a pocket mirror for quite some time now, so this was a lovely little addition. Great quality and a simple design, perfect size to slip into your make up bag.

Overall, I wasn't enthralled by the birthday GlossyBox. There were only a couple of things I'll actually get some use out of. Oh well, roll on next month...!


  1. So pretty, the packaging is lovely. I like all the product shots too.

  2. I love the lashes, look so natural! x

  3. The Weleda is a sort of body lotion, it's meant to make you skin firmer and more elastic (if that makes sense?). This one is especially for dry skin. Here in Germany you get their products in the pharmacy and they're really good quality and are dermatologically tested :)
    Hope that helps you!

  4. loooove the lashes! they look gorgeous and very natural :) xx

  5. The eyelashes look so natural and pretty :-)

  6. Maybe I should sign up to glossybox...
    Lovely post!


  7. I wish I had the eye lashes instead of the brow beater I got!! I was a bit confused by the cream too but have been told it's great face cream?

  8. The Weleda cream is a body lotion.
    In Germany Weleda is often used by pregnant women as they only use natural ingredients for their products.


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