Tuesday, 10 May 2011

your grubby little hands.

It's so lovely waking up to gorgeous sunshine streaming into my room. However, as the sun is rising earlier and earlier, it's becoming glaringly obvious that I need some better curtains. I put away my winter clothes yesterday, and got out all my summer dresses and hats. I hung some on the wall and it makes it a lot cheerier I think. It's also nice to have some of my favourite things on show.

Today, if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I'm channelling the "8-year-old at a party who feels she was given less cake than all the other children" look. I LOVE this Primark dress that I got last year. I actually wore it to my Mum's 60th birthday party, and to my birthday night out the day after! It's pretty bum-skimming so I can only really wear it with tights. But look how cute it is! I've teamed it with an Elizabeth headband I've had since I was a little kid, blue nails (17 Lasting Fix in Mint Choc Chip and Barry M 295 turquoise) and icecream shoes by Irregular Choice! Unfortunately they have NO grip on the bottom whatsoever though. Slippy!

Ok, so enough of my waffling, here's the exciting part!!! I'm holding my first GIVEAWAY!! In celebration of my birthday, reaching 800 readers and 100,000 all time pageviews, I want to give something back to you guys.

What you will win: a print of my mizu no kokoro painting, one of my cute kitty cats, a handmade recipe card of one of my original recipes, some very cute cupcake cases, a beautiful piece of jewellery made and donated by the absolutely wonderful Ella Masters of Ruby Rae Love, and a few extra secret goodies!

How to enter: simply leave a comment telling me your favourite memory from birthdays past, and make sure you leave your email address/some way to contact you!!

Oh, and it is open to international readers too :)

A winner will be chosen at random on Monday 16th May!

Finally, here's a wonderful cover my friend Luca and his friend did of Bon Iver's Lump Sum. It's at the beach! It's gorgeous.


  1. i want to put you in my pocket, you always look so cute! the giveaway sounds lovely :)
    one of the best birthdays I had when was when i was little and my mum threw me a disney themed party with a little mermaid cake made from scratch (talented with an icing bag is mother) and everyone got disney party bags. I had a dress like Belle's from beauty and the beast and we had a disney sing-a-long. although i cried when we had to cut the cake :(
    my email is kjijljy2k@hotmail.com


  2. I don't know what my favourite birthday memory is (I don't have a very good memory) but one of the few (good) things I remember is being about 7 and discovering just how 'hilarious' it was to tell someone to look into your cup, then blow into your straw so they get cherry-aid all over their face - the only boy at my party was the main target (little-mittens@hotmail.co.uk) x

  3. Firstly will you please marry me? Helllllllo poka dots ;) My fondest birthday Memory is getting a yellow and white desk, which had a snail holder built in for your sellotape. I was the happiest girl alive.

    Then one day my mom sold it :'(

    I'm Gem from.....FROMGEMWITHLOVE like as if you don't know me......ok you don't, erm my email is gemdotjohnsonatgmaildotcom xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. my favourite birthday memory is for my 16th my best friend held a yellow party for me in her garden. We had a lovely tea party with yellow food and all my birthday presents were yellow and a bubble machine making it all very magical. anigolightly@gmail.com xx

  5. I love your white and black polka dot dress its so cute :) Your giveaway is lovely :) My favourite birthday memory was probably actually when I was 16, I had to be in school because of exams but my friends made it fun and special for me by bringing loads of birthday sashes and balloons in for me and a little cake and presents in for me. I just remember laughing a lot that day! :) My e-mail is chocolate_rose_petals@hotmail.co.uk
    Happy birthday for this week! :) X x

  6. I would love to enter the giveaway! I think my favourite birthday memories are the simple ones, just spending time with my friends and family...y'know? Like this past birthday of mine, my mom made dinner for my two best friends & I and somehow I ended up with two birthday cakes (with around 70 million candles all together), & we all had a good laugh :) Other than that I try not to make a big deal out of my birthday, the thought of growing up makes me so anxioussssss. If only neverland were real!

    I don't feel comfortable posting my e-mail on a pubic site, but if I win here is a link to my flickr where you can message me! www.flickr.com/lainabriedis ^__^

    hope you're doing well <3

  7. Formy sixteenth birthday my mum surprised me with a trip to London we shopped all day lunched at harrods and went to a gig at night we stayed in the hilton of Oxford street it was amazing and my mum and grandma told me they had opened an account when i was little and had been saving up for my 16th ever since.

  8. I adore your fish print and i would absolutely love to add it to my collection!

    My favourite birthday memory would have to have been from my 7th year. It was at the time that collecting Mario stickers was all the rage and i went to the shop with my brother to get a few pack pre-party. I remember opening my oacks to discover the rarest card of them all: King Koopa! I remember thinking that somehow, someone in the universe had recognised that it was my birthday and had 'gifted' me that card.

    Silly, but still one of my favourite memories.


  9. For my 16th birthday I had a camp out in my backyard. All my friends came with their cars and we blasted music from the radios and sang songs and cooked our own food. and then everyone slept in a big tent together. :] good times.


  10. i love your taste in shoes :) i have those too and agree about the slippy soles, i had to scuff mine up!
    my favourite birthday memory was a princess castle birthday cake, i found it in a cake book and begged mum to make it for me, she spent a wk on it. i think i was my 7th birthday..don't remember anything else about the party tho! dinoprincesschar@gmail.com

  11. Eeeeek, there is too much to comment on - every time I thought I had what I'd say in my comment planned I scrolled down a little and saw something else I needed to mention!

    First of all, holy cow, your room is so charming! The first photo is so fantastic.

    Secondly, That polka dot dress is AMAZING!! You're rocking it girl! :)

    Third, and my entry for the giveaway, my favorite birthday memory was from my seventh or eighth birthday.I had a bunch of friends over and we all went out in a little paddle boat in my pond. It was so much fun! :)

  12. Oh wow this is a looovely giveaway! My memory from my birthday is when i had a bouncy castle in my garden and a trampoline next to it so i would jump from the trampoline all the way over the wall of the bouncy castle..I was young but it was fuuun!

  13. The polka dot dress is CUUUUUUTE! Very sweet. I have that orangey floral dress from TopShop that I bought a couple of years go too. It's timeless, and really flattering shape. I love it. x

  14. great giveaway! definitely enter me!
    fave bday memory .... was a few years ago, a group of friends and i played lawn bowls and had beers in the sun. one of my friends (who is a singer) actually recorded a little song that she had written herself and put it on cd for me... lovely surprise.

    love this little dress btw just so adorable!

  15. you're bedroom is gorgeous, lovely giveaway! my favourite memory is a simple one. i was 6 and it was my first ever birthday party (well one that i could actually remember..) and me and my friends went skipping off to the strawberry fields behind my house and had a picnic. my mum made the invitations and she made a dress code up of "pretty summer dresses" so we were all sat on a picnic rug in floral sun dresses eating strawberry's leaving the pink juice all round our lips. it was just a perfect day for me


  16. What a lovely giveaway! so personalised :) My favourite birthday memory was my 7th birthday and my mum had organised a surprise party in the village hall! All of my class were there, there was a magician and a disco and best of all my auntie had made me a beanie baby cake! It was amazing she had created these beanie babies out of melted jelly beans and made the tags on them and everything!!
    my e-mail is racheey@hotmail.co.uk.
    I hope you have a fantastic birthday week :)
    Rachelle xxx

  17. Those ice cream shoes are possibly the best thing I've ever seen (aside from your incredible mizu no kokoro print!)
    My favourite birthday memory is having a cinema party with my best friends at the Odeon back in the day when they had guys dressed up a film negatives to greet you at the door. I've got the funniest photo of us both wearing gold puffa jackets with 'Spice World' written on them and were are doing the obligatory peace sign. Her dad makes the most amazing cakes too and he made us matching princess cakes :)

  18. That dress looks so lovely on you! And I love your dresses on the walls, especially with the hats, so sweet :)
    I'd so love to win your giveaway, such wonderful goodies to win! My favourite birthday memory was when I was about 13 and I had a waterfight party! It was really hot (my birthday is in July) and we had a paddling pool, a water slide and waterguns! It was so fun, I would love to do it again, even if I am deemed a bit old! My email is katie_moody@hotmail.co.uk :) xoxo

  19. I remember my birthday last year (16) when all my friends blindfolded me, and led me to the common room of my boarding school and lit a candle that wouldn't blow out no matter what. Turned out it was one of those never blown-out candles! It was such a surprise, I suddenly was studying in the library and they all called me down!


  20. Wow your room is so beautiful, wish i could re-decorate mine! I really need to! Love the dress and shoe combo mega cute , you look so tanned as well :o) xx

  21. I love birtdays :) One month ago I was celebrating my birthweek too(yes, I'm even a bigger fan of birthweeks), it was perfect :)

    My best memory was my birthday last year. We were staying at Barcelona with school for one week. The night before my birthday, my friends started counting down and all of a sudden there were presents all over the place, even a present from my boyfriend. He gave it to my best friend and she had to take it to Barcelona (there was almost no place left for something else in her suitcase ^^).




  22. Ha, awesome outfit! one of my favourite items of clothing ever was a velvet cardigan i had when i was about 6 which i wore at 17 as a cropped cardigan! the whole dressing like a child thing is always fun! hmm best birthday memory... i think that would have to be my 18th. i was on a geography field trip and woke up to my friend hannah decorating our shared room with silly photos of us, banners and balloons! we then spent the whole day out walking and doing work and spent the evening eating the amazing cake my boyfriend at the time had made me!!! xxx


  23. My birthday is the 26th Dec so every year, it feels like the whole world is decorating and getting excited just for my birthday :) On my 18th, I had a fancy dress party and because my name is Holly, everybody had to dress as something beginning with H. I allowed first names and/or last names, so I went as Jimmy Hendrix. There were some really good ones like Oliver Hardy, a harlot, Harvey Dent as Twoface, Tony Harrison, a 50's housewife and a harajuku girl. I had to have my birthday two months after the actual day as everyone is always so busy around christmas time! I had so much fun and I took a disposable camera with me that night and I was lucky enough to have every single picture come out perfectly!

  24. oh, to contact me:


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  26. A birthday memory that stands out to me is one year when I went to Jersey with my family. I had the most wonderful cake with strawberries and whipped cream piped on top. But the bit I remember most is screaming and shouting for a very long time for people stealing the ice cubes in my drink (I didn't realize they melted!)Poor little me, I was so young and didn't understand the world!

  27. I love that dress, so sad I missed out on getting one, although I imagine on me it would be less bum skimming and more of a top!

    My favourite birthday memory would probably have to be my 16th b birthday. My mum decked out our tent/gazebo with fairy lights, filled it with cushions, food, cakes etc so that when the besties & I returned from our outing, we had a cosy cave to come back & party/sleep in!


  28. Your room looks beautiful! & those shoes are gorgeous!
    My favourite birthday memory: I have so many!, but one that stands out is my 17th, my dad came up from London to spend the day with me - my mum had organised it without me knowing, so he was there when I woke up in the morning, and I spent the day with my mum and dad, and we went shopping and out for a nice meal in the evening, it was lovely as I get on well with both of them - and luckily they get on well together too!

  29. Well I am hoping that tomorrow will be one of my most memorable birthdays as it's going to be my 21st! I have a 3 layer mascarpone, jam, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry cake with lots of starry sparklers waiting with a bottle of champagne for me beeeautiful! then a day of chinese and giggles with my best friend, and an evening going to a gig - as is tradition for my birthdays! The best other memory was my 10th birthday where we all dressed up as the spice girls - the video still exists somewhere in the old family albums but hopefully not to be dug out anytime soon!! haha xx

  30. My favourite birthday memory was my 21st birthday last year. I had a massive party in a hall and all my favourite people were there. Special friends has come home for Uni especially and family had travelled from all over. It was the best birthday I had ever had! I didn't want it to end!

  31. My favourite birthday memory is probably when i was in cyprus for my tenth birthday and my family and I went to this cute little restaurant where they made me the most incredible chocolate sundae, sparklers and all! I felt like such a princess and i still have a sweet tooth for chocolate sundae's!

  32. That is the best dress ever! I have an obsession with polka-dots.

    And please enter me into your lovely competition :)
    My fondest birthday memory was was I was five. I remember it being the perfect birthday - I had on a beautiful new dress covered in pink roses, tied with a white ribbon sash. I had mathcing ribbons in my pig-tailed hair and shiny patent black shoes. My cake was shaped like Barbie and all the candles blew out on the first go!

  33. Your room is amazing, very inspiring! And your shoes are also supeeeercute

  34. My greatest birthday memory has to be my 15th birthday party, HUGE party! I felt so much happiness that night :)


  35. I'm so jealous of you room :')
    I can't wait untill mines decorated.

    One of my best birthday memories is when my mum made me an 'Animals in Farthing Wood' cake (anyone else remember that show? I was obsessed with it). She spent hours icing each indevidual character on and managed to keep it a secret to me untill she brought it out at my party.
    The most touching thing about it was that she cared enough about me to slave over a cake that would be gone in minuites just to make me happy.

  36. Technically it isn't a favourite memory, but on my last birthday my brother was throwing round a bouncy ball and my dad told him not to hit the t.v. so he carried on throwing the ball and it went flying towards the t.v, at that same momemnt i was walking past the t.v and out of no where my brothers hand punched me in the nose, casuing me to have a nose bleed. after all of the drama, the bouncy ball did end up hitting the t.v but didn't get a black eye unlike i did


  37. my best birthday has got to be the one i just celebrated on saturday. i'm stuck at university revising at the moment so couldnt be at home to celebrate it. but unknown to me, my mum, brother, sister and my boyfriend turned up on the friday and booked us into a hotel for the weekend. it was a lovely surprise and just what i needed to take my mind off exams. on the saturday me and my boyfriend went to the beach and acted like big kids going on all the rides and in the arcades. the day was topped off by us letting off a chinese lantern in the evenings. such a perfect birthday


  38. Your room and flat is so lovely and quaint looking, so inspiring for when I finally move into my new house-share (: I sized up when I bought that dress because it was so short on me, gotta love Primark for their inconsistencies! You look so lovely in that outfit, especially those shoes!

    I think my favourite birthday memory is just all of my birthdays up to the age of 12 consisted of a huge tea party "after school" on my birthdays that my parents prepared from scratch. And I'd always have a plastic tiara, and a huge Chinese fruit sponge cake! Birthdays just aren't the same anymore :p

    xo Michelle: rsvp.mchai@gmail.com

  39. That's a lovely summery dress! Can't wait till we get good summer weather in Scotland :)

    My favourite birthday was my 21st this year. Only because when I was little I was totally in love with Peter Pan! So for my birthday my mum and dad tracked down a Peter Pan hat, sword and the dvd! I thought I was going to cry. And then they gave me a book of my life in pictures, totally sent me over the edge and there I was in floods of tears. Best birthday ever! Haha


  40. enter me! My favourite birthday memory was last year when all of my friends randomly turned up at my house and took me on an all expenses paid trip to london! it was amazing :D



  41. I have that tree of life poster too! ;D I couldn't resist the dinosaurs...
    Hmmm my favourite birthday memory was probably when my mum made me a big 101 dalmatians cake! It had 3 tiers and pink icing with chocolate buttons all over it, and a huge edible picture of Patch's face on top :'D '


  42. Firstly: those shoes are just too cute!! A favourite birthday memory! Hmmm probably my lack of memories from my 18th! Means it was definitely a good night lol :P

    L x


  43. your so pretty n i love ur clothes/hair!

    my best birthday was probably this one, my 18th, i spent it in Greece visiting things like the Pathenon, Zeus' temple ruins and other various ruins around Greece with my best friends! As a massive ancient history geek could actually not have wished for anything better than having my first legal drink looking at the old olympic stadium in the evening sun with the people i loved the most. Perfect!


  44. What a lovely dress, its super cute :)

    My earliest/oddest birthday memory.. I had been bought a miniature kitchen cooker and some play dough for my birthday, and had made food for all my guests (Play dough food for my mums friends) i went round the room handing it out out and after half an hour I went back to collect it. One of my guests (my dads friend from work) pretended he had actually eaten it which I wasn't so happy about. I then want on to slap him round the face and storm off :/ Quite the little madam.



  45. Your bedroom is beautiful! Your bed even more so - it's my favourite.

    Birthdays are always about the cake and the presents, and one that sticks out for me is when my mum's friend made me a Spice Girls birthday cake and then I went to Planet Kids (a big indoor play area that used to be in Bristol donkey's years ago) and I spent the afternoon tearing it around there with my friends.


  46. Such a gorgeous array of photos!

    And what a giveaway, I'd love to own one of your cuddly kittens!

    My birthday memories, ahh. Being 5 years old and having polaroids taken of me with my grandad, and then being 10 and baking a huge cake with him whilst he tried to convince me he was a spy, and then aged 12-the last birthday I had with him- and just laughing alot.

  47. Happy birthday week pretty lady! My best birthday memory has to be the HUUUGE (well, huge when I was 6) hansel and gretel house cake my Mum made. Then we had a fairy treasure hunt in the woods, and there were lollipops hidden in all the trees! I'm planning my upcoming 20th to involve equally wonderful treats.

    Have a lovely week! xx


  48. Awh I love that you've hung clothes on your walls - how cute!

    My favourite birthday memory is probably receiving a big sheet of stick on earrings! I thought they were the bestest thing ever and everyone at my party (I was about 5) kept asking if they could have some to wear and I had to go and hide them cos I didn't want anyone else to have any.

    Oh and my email address is milkyway_magic@hotmail.com

  49. Congrats on all of your blog success! You certainly deserve it. Your blog quickly became one of my favorite to read after I found it. Your creativity is astonishing and it's so fun to follow your journey!

  50. this is beyond lovely! and i agree with what most everyone else says, i'm not very original, but i have read for almost a year now and i do love being little. and i have loved getting to know you! even anonymously. when i think about it the process is all a little creepy but then again i guess that's blogging. anyway, i'm so happy for you, and this giveaway is so charming. i would say this all anyways, even if i didn't want these lovely little prizes, so i hope you don't think i'm trying to flatter you..

    anyways, please enter me, and congratulations! <3

  51. i love your blog, its so genuine and always different and exciting and i would quite like your wardrobe also please!!

    the best memory of my birthday was my 18th, my mum held a surprise birthday party for me and got all my friends there, i didnt plan on doing anything as i was going on holiday with them all the day after for 2 weeks! it was just so nice to get everyone together and didnt expect it at all!


  52. that polka dot dress is amazing and SO adorable on you!! and your room is too cute, loving the aesthetic :)


  53. Your room is so effortlessly lovely. I love that you have so many pillows on your bed. I do too, but I always end up throwing most of them onto the floor before actually getting into bed! The dress is gorgeous too. I bought it but it fitted more like a long t-shirt on me so I returned it!

    Please enter me into the giveaway. :) My favourite birthday memory is a bit of a blur. I had a party and all of my best friends were there. I was a total tom boy - wearing jeans and a checked shirt - and had a sonic the hedgehog birthday cake. I also got given a photo album and lots of packets of spice girl photographs. I still have it somewhere!


  54. Really Honoured to get the chance to enter your giveaway.... I read your blog daily... you are a huge inspiration....
    My favourite birthday memory....would be...my most recent...
    Full to the Brim with Gift's wrapped in Turquoise velvet ribbon, A beautiful camera, a treasure hunt, a cake food fight, a screening of the classic "All dogs go to heaven" and a trip to Paris...
    Worth the extra year!!
    Bisous.... xxx

  55. My last birthday was pretty great, I live in Northern Ireland but I am originally from Canada. I hadn't been home for a bday in 4 years so it was quite splendid to be home for it. My sister-in-law made a great meal and we played some DDR.
    T'was a happy birthday indeed!

  56. Oh my what a fun giveaway! I think my favorite birthday memory was last year. A large group of us went out to sing karaoke! During my go to karaoke staple song--Total Eclipse of the Heart--my older sister got up on the booth to really belt it out with me. She then promptly fell off. My friend Justin began singing over us "Once upon a time I was falling in love, Now I'm falling off a booth in the bar"! So good! :)

    Also those shoes! So amazing!

  57. Wow I love your room and your outfit :)

    AND this giveaway is incredible! Thanks for the opportunity to participate :)

    Firstly, my emails address is amanda.ellen.thomas@gmail.com

    And my favourite memory was one of my childhood birthdays when my friends and i got picked up from school in two vintage cars, driven to go horse riding and then home for kids party food (mini sausages and sausage rolls, pikelets with cream and jam, lollies and chocolate, mini pizzas etc) and my Mum had handmade party favours for all my guests! The girls stayed the night and before bed we played old school games like a sack race, egg & spoon race, etc etc. It was amazing.

  58. Aww I would love to enter!!

    I always have fond memories of my birthdays during my younger years. One that sticks out in particular (maybe because we have the home video of it) was a shared birthday with a friend in a church hall. An old couple were the entertainment, they were dressed up, did a punch an judy show and played silly games and danced with us. We all thought it was amazing...meanwhile the adults were all hovering at the back not sure whether to laugh or kick them out because they both turned out to be raging drunks. Fortunately they were harmless and everyone laughs about it now. The old man's extendable arm seems way more hilarious now I know he was pissed and probably finding it just as funny as the kids.



  59. I absolutely adore your room! I wish my room looked like that! (:

  60. My favorite birthday was in spain, with all my family and when my grand pa was there.. :)



  61. Your dress is super sweet!
    My favourite birthday memory is blowing out the candles on my rediculous, Disney princess themed ice cream cake with the most important people in my life.



  62. Your room is so inpirational. When I move house I want my room to look like yours!

    I remember I had a birthday party at McDonalds it was awesome and only the kids that got invited were aloud ot play on the playground ;)



  63. Look at those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!! unreal. love all the pics in this post!

  64. Ooh nice giveaway :) i love your art

    Around my birthday time when i was 15 my aunty, uncle and nan took me to rome, italy! this was my first proper holiday & it was completely amazing - i saw the sistine chapel and michelangelo's ceiling, stood at the top of st peters basilica to see the whole of rome. i miss it soo much! <3


  65. My best birthday was when I was 6 and got a stegosaurus birthdays cake, the spikes were made out of after 8 mints. Birthday, dinosaur and cake.. Can it get any better?!


  66. I´ve seen this dress on so many people but I think you look the cutest. I love it but I´m sure it´d look kinda weird on me, however, it looks amazing on you.
    I think my best childhood birthday memory is when my old auntie got me handmade fairy dress. It was unbelievably gorgeous. She made a princess dress for my sis as well and we spent hours playing on that day. If I remember correctly, she also made loads of wee clothes for our barbies, which was amazing because they were really pricey in shops back then:)

  67. So many things making me smile in this post :) Your friends singing is just beautiful! And what a pretty backdrop, I would love to live by the coast. Your headband is the sweetest, I remember having one of those when I was a little girl! I was always disappointed when it came to personalised things, like pens and mugs because I could NEVER get one that said Ayden. Was only ever Aiden, and in boys colours :( So those headbands were perfect cause you could sit and watch them make it for you. Makes me feel all nostalgic.

    You have the loveliest little figure, and SUPER awesome hair girlie! Well done on the readers, you deserve them all and hundreds more ♥ A really happy birthday memory I have is actually my 21st last year. Summer time, gazebo and a garden party, the cutest buffet I've ever seen, hello kitty cake, friends and family ♥ For that one night it felt like I didnt have a care in the world xx

  68. As a local girl I think you will understand the full appreciation of my favourite birthday being spent at the Fun Factory. OHH How i miss that sweet sweet place :(


    amazing giveaway xxx

  69. Such a wonderful giveaway, you're too kind! That song is so good also, listening to hear now, they are verrry talented :) My best birthday memory has to be my 6th birthday. I came home from school to find out that my mom had given birth to my little brother! It was amazing, I thought they were basically giving me a real baby doll for a birthday present, it was ace. So now we share the same birthday, which is actually really fun. Lovely lovely blog also, delighted to have stumbled across it :)
    Tríona, X

  70. Ok, these shoes are incredible Lyzi!! I'm loving the headband too - I used to wear one like that coonstantly when I was in reception, I'm sad to say i think it got thrown away :(

    I had a fab birthday this year actually, but the memory that sticks in my head the most is my 10th - I had a sleepover for the first time, and my mum and dad [bless their hearts] made us a huge midnight feast, and an obstacle course through the house that we had to do in our sleeping bags!! It was so simple, and I expect they were just trying to save money, but honestly it evokes so much childhood innocence and fun....I can have an obstacle course/sleepover for my 22nd right?! :P x


  71. those outfit pictures are awesome!!
    my favourite birthday memory is probably from my 9th birthday. i was called to the living room and there was this HUGE box, which had a company name and 'sweets' written on the front. i was so excited for the lifetime supply of sweets! when i opened the box my cousin jumped out, she is my best friend but she'd recently moved to the other side of england and i cried for days when she left. it was the best surprise ever and was definitely better than the sweets :)


  72. oooh i have this dress, i love it!

    my best birthday memory was probably when i was little i can't remember how old i was but i think i was about 4. anyway my nan made me coolest caterpillar cake ever! it was a chocolate log covered in green icing with smarties and cables all over it. then my other nan made me a rabbit cake, it had ice cream cones for ears! i literally remembering feeling like the coolest kid ever, i got TWO cakes! ha! xx


  73. this is a really cute idea. :)your headband is quite adorable!

    mm, favourite birthday memory... maybe my aunt and uncle taking me to 'alice in wonderland' when i turned 5. it was such a pretty day, playing croquet, watching plays and sliding down the most enormous slide i had ever known by that age, which took my little five-year-old legs about 10 minutes to climb to the top of each time. (and also being taught how to drive a go kart by the mad hatter, although i'll admit at the time i was slightly terrified of him!) :) chloe xx

  74. sounds lovely!
    my most memorable birthday has to be my 18th, specifically the family party bit where my mum made me an amazing yet embarrassing montage of photos and put them running on a loop through the tv for everyone to see! I got so many thoughtful presents that day I couldn't believe how amazing everyone was xx


  75. My most memorable birthday was the year my dad dressed up as a clown and then squirted a boy in the eye with his water flower. HAHA!

    I'm catface85@gmail.com

  76. wow! lovely giveaway :)

    my best birthday memory is definitely my 6th birthday. I got a dress which was red gingham with strawberries all over it, and it was my favourite dress I have ever owned!! I used to wear it all the time with my little red doc marten boots, and since then have been obsessed with anything with strawberries on (I now have a strawberry tattooed on my wrist!). I also got to have a party with all of my family and friends, with pass the parcel and a big water fight, a dino from the flintstones cake, a tent that looked like a castle AND the boy who was my first crush asked me to marry him, which was completely serious to us at the time, and we got married in my castle :) haha, it was the best day!!

    Hope you have an amazing birthday!

  77. oh gosh, lyzi you look so pretty! you always have such beautiful pics. i used to have one of those headbands too :) i was so excited to finally have something with my name on, i wore it to death!
    this is the nicest giveaway, i adore that painting of yours & cats.
    it's taken me so long to think of my fave birthday memory- thank you for making me remember such good times! mine has to be when i was 5, i'd been begging for a magic wand for several birthdays & christmasses so that i could turn myself into an elephant (!!) i was so upset when i didn't get one, but instead my nanna & grandad bought me a HUGE elephant toy- i dragged him everywhere and could actually sit on him! he was amazing :)

    soo, please enter me :) and i shall cross my fingers&toes!

    skye xx

    oh, and my email is skyepennant@hotmail.co.uk

  78. i think my favourite memory of birthday was this year when me and my friend were in concert of my favourite band! and i really dont remember my birthdays, haha :D


  79. Beautiful post.
    My favourite birthday memory would be when I was around 9 and I had a roller skating party. It was in a hall and everyone had to fetch roller skates and it was like a disco, and there was a bouncy castle too.

  80. I think my favourite birthday memory was my 18th when I celebrated with all of my friends and family. We had so much nice food and it was lovely :D

    Maria xxx

    P.S. my email is frills.spills[at]gmail.com

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. Eek I'm just in time! I have s couple of cherished birthday memories! The first being my 18th where my mum took me to town for so day birthday shopping but at the bus station I was faced with a coach that said take that! I was so chuffed. They were my favourite band growing up and I never got to see them! It was also amazing that my mum managed to keep a secret from me. Also all my birthdays at uni hold great memories for me. And my most recent birthday was particularly good with my best friend not only buying me lots of lovely make up but surprising me with concert tickets that she'd arranged forall my friends to go to. Another well kept secret :)

    I hope you've had a wonderful birthday Lyzi!
    Miss you! Xxx


  83. ooops I'm cutting it seriously fine.
    Favourite bday memory - not entirely sure on the age, i'm gonna say in the region of 6 or 7. I was uber excited as I was being taken to see the new Mr bean movie. doesn't sound exciting for the big celebration, but I was having a party at the weekend, bouncy castle, clowns the works.
    Anyway eager to clock up all the birthday bliss I overdid the sweets. Hyped up on sugar and jumping up and down on the car seats obvi did not agree with my little tummy - and I spent the next hour throwing up into an empty popcorn tub, my hair being held back by the cinema ticket-seller man, whilst the whole fam enjoyed Mr Bean. Gutting. But a rather funny senario. Its definitely my favourite to recall.

    Happy Birthday xxxxxxx

  84. ahhh totes forgot my email address. Sozzles.



  85. What a lovely giveaway! I hope you have a great birthday :)
    My favourite birthday was my 9th, when my cousin was born. I was a bit annoyed at the time because I didn't want to share my birthday but now I'm glad we share :)

  86. Birthday wishes and kisses!!

    My favourite birthday memory is when my mum and her friend made me a beautiful Barbie cake, with a real Barbie as the body and her ballgown was the cake! It was amazing, except I cried when I found out that my mum and her friend amputated her legs to make the cake!

    It wasn't a happy memory at the time but it makes me smile now!

    (The reattachment of her legs was a success and Ken was by her side the whole time, aiding her recovery!)

    Je m'appelle Sarah and my email is burntheblonde@gmail.com

  87. Hope you had a great birthday! Hope its not too late to enter!
    My favourite birthday memory was waking up to snow when i was younger, i can't remember how old but it had snowed on my birthday before so it was a special year for me!
    katytitch@hotmail.com :)


Thank you for your sweet comments :) if you have any questions please tweet them to me @beinglittle ! x

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