Saturday 21 May 2011

common symbols.

Yesterday I received a t-shirt from Rob Hodgson. I'd been eyeing up his Common Symbols t-shirts for a while, but once my money had come through they'd sold out. Luckily I vaguely know him, so he sent me a cheeky one. Thanks Rob, I love iiiit!

Today I spent the afternoon at my Mum's house again, sorting through old clothes and things I'm going to take to the carboot sale tomorrow. Shockingly, I've never been to a carboot sale (not that I remember anyway), which seems completely ridiculous as they seem like my kind of thing. Mum also gave me one of her shirts from the 70s. It's a beautiful soft floral shirt, and you better believe it'll be in an outfit post soon!

Time to go and digest my fish and chips, and continue sorting out my carboot stuff!

WEARING: sunglasses - new look; t-shirt - rob hodgson ; jeans - topshop ; shoes - peacocks ; watch - oasis ; friendship bracelets - one I've had forever, one from ella masters ; canine teeth ring - galibardy.


  1. We seem to have very similar tastes in wristwear and I've never been to a carboot either! My mum and dad go almost every week but I can never bring myself to drag myself out of bed that early...and theres no room in the car for me + all the stuff :( xx

  2. I love carboot sales, I always go with my mum and we buy TONS of jewellery! :) X

    P.S. Please visit my blog, I'm having a giveaway!

  3. Love the shirt, and the scottish pair of shoes are fab. I have never been to a carboot sale too.. sounds fun though. I want to see the shirt your mom gave you already :) waiting for that outfit post! xx

  4. That ring is great! I love it!
    I fancy fish & chips now haha and good luck with the car boot! c: xx

  5. Cute as always:) Have fun at the carboot sale:) x

  6. Oooh your ring is lovely :) xx

  7. How lucky of you to have scored the shirt, then! It looks great on you, so I'm glad you did. Also, I'm totally in love with your watch.

    x Michelle |

  8. Super cute! Jealous you scored a lovely shirt. And your jewelry is gorg!


  9. Your hair looks lovely in this photo. Cant wait to see the 70's shirt! Good luck with car boot :) x

  10. Ohhh I'd kill for fish and chips right now...and at 11:40pm that's not a good thing! I love your new tee hun, going to go and ogle at his designs now! Have fun at the carboot :) x

  11. Mmm fish and chips! Totally having that for dinner tonight <3

  12. you've never been to a car boot sale???? that's crazy!!! I love them! I love that you never know what you mind there. And I love the homemade cake! That tshirt is very cute on you (as is everything you wear!) x

  13. I love the top!
    I've never been to a carboot sale either :(

  14. You look lovely, love these shoes!

  15. Bonjour!!
    I just discover your blog, through LOOKBOOK.
    Fan. I love it.

    Follow you via my blog (you're in my "Fashion blogs" blogroll)

    A bientôt, bisous!

  16. Cute photos! Love the shoes by the way!


  17. hahhaa love love the pink watch :)

  18. love the ring!


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