Friday 27 May 2011

south west blogger meet!

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Hello lovely ones!

So sorry it's been a while since Bee and I last mentioned the meet up! It's creeping up on us fast (it's just 3 weeks away now!) It's still a bit up in the air, but after hearing back from you lot, we should have a proper plan set out.

Here is what we're thinking:

Meet at 12:00pm at the big steps at Cabot Circus, Bristol. It's in the main courtyardy bit so you should be able to find us, we'll make sure we're super visible!

Next, up to the 3rd floor to have some lunch (we need your input with that - see below!) I'm already looking forward to eating...!

Then head off for a bit of shopping. I'm going to draw up a map next week to show good places to visit - if you have any good tips don't hesitate to email me!

Finally we'll meet around 3 or 4pm for some tea/coffee and cake before going our separate ways! Hopefully we can find a nice place that we can all fit in!

Here's where YOU come in:

If you're still interested in coming to the meet up on June 16th we need you to email us both with your confirmation and your choose of the following restaurants to go to for lunch:

Frankie and Benny's
La Tasca
Gourmet Burger
Bella Italia

The choice with the most votes will be where we head for our yummy lunch!

Email us both at: and


  1. hey! will you give us an awesome demo on how to do the most beautiful homemade cards because as creative as i am, mine are crap and i love your illustration style!

  2. i wish i was from the south-west lol xxxx

  3. That sounds like such fun! I wish I was closer!


  4. Owww I'm not going to be able to make it now :( if it was the week after I've got the week off! Typical eh!

    Hope you all have a good time! xxxx

  5. I was so wanting to do this, but just looked up trains and it will cost around £30 for me to get there, and i just can't afford that at the moment!! poo!! its a great idea though, and i hope there will be more i can get to. have an awesome time :)

    x x

  6. that sounds like fun! I really wish I was closer!! :)
    we could follow each other if you like my blog! I'm now following you! :)

  7. mmmm wow that meal looks so delicious!! especially the way you seasoned the steaks

  8. gutted :( i live in the south west but the bournemouth area! x

  9. I was so up for this but I work on Thursdays :( I'm even in Bristol on the Saturday! Gutted :( Hope you all have a lovely lovely time though and I hope the sun comes out for you :) Are you coming to the Birmingham meetup?

    Chloe... x


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