Tuesday 30 May 2017

food & fashion challenge in SouthGate Bath.

To celebrate the new restaurants opening in Bath's shopping centre, SouthGate invited me to come and have a nosey, and challenged me to buy a new outfit & have a meal for two for £150.. this is my kind of challenge.

I took my pal Lily along, as we do enjoy a little girldate on a Friday, and we had a lovely time in our neighbouring town (which FYI is also where we first met - cute).

I decided upon Topshop as my retailer of choice, and boy I was happy to get some new jeans! I also chose a t-shirt that my boyfriend hates, and some very cute summery shoes. I've been wanting to inject a bit more red into my very tonal wardrobe lately, and these sandals are the perfect way to do that without feeling like everyone is staring. 


• Forever 21 sunglasses

What's a girldate without some food? Especially when it's Lily and I - I'm pretty sure we both think about food 99% of the time. 

We headed to Comptoir Libanais for lunch, where we drank super sweet cocktails which tasted of rose (one of my favourite flavours) and ate hummus, bready things, and a yogurty lamb dish, as well as some amazing pickles which you can see below. I was so intrigued by the vibrant pink pickled turnips - they were great, but a bit too salty for me! 

Luckily the train station is right by SouthGate, so after filling up on bread and not being able to finish our tasty mains, we rolled across the road and headed back to Bristol.


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  1. Cute outfit i have that Tee and I love it and I swear by Topshop jeans xoxo

  2. I think you've styled this outfit perfectly. Great idea to knot it at the back. And you really cannot go wrong with scarlet shoes, in my opinion.


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