Tuesday 6 September 2016

wahaca at home - fish tacos.

Wahaca at Home soft taco kits

I have expressed my love for Wahaca before, so it shouldn't be much of a surprise that I was pretty damn pleased that they have created their very own range of soft taco kits! Now you can enjoy their yummy flavours from the comfort of your own kitchen, and feel really smug about the fact that you made it yourself.

Read on for my fish taco recipe! 

soft taco kits
soft taco kits

Wahaca launched their range of taco kits & ingredients at Tesco a couple of months ago - you can find them in 900 stores across the country, as well as online. They are also for sale in some of their restaurants, so pop in and have a look! Maybe sit down and have a taco while you're there, for research, y'know.. 

They are very easy to use, as they come with instructions & serving suggestions, and really quick to cook once you've marinated your meat/fish/veggies/tofu for the desired time. They come in 3 different heat levels, and I started out with the mildest kit for these fish tacos.

Wahaca at Home.
Wahaca at Home.
Wahaca at Home.
Wahaca at Home.
Wahaca at Home.

I marinated the chunks of fresh cod in the Tomatillo & Garlic Mojo marinade, while I chopped up the rest of my ingredients. 

• fresh salsa with tomatoes, pepper, avocado and coriander
• pickled red onions
• yogurt with a sprinkling of paprika
• sliced radishes and limes

I tapped off the excess of the marinade, rolled the cod chunks around in some seasoned flour, and then fried the pieces in a little oil. 

Then it was time to assemble! 

The key to a good soft taco is to not overfill it - as tempting as that may be! Just add a little of everything, and enjoy! 

I will definitely be making fish tacos again, but tonight I'm going to try the chipotle kit with some chicken, because chipotle is my life.

Wahaca at Home.
Wahaca at Home.
soft taco kits how to eat a taco

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  1. OMG these look amazing! I must try them with fish!

  2. I REALLY love fish tacos. I totally didn't realise Wahaca do spice packet thingys so definitely going to try and get my hands on those to try!! :D

    Little Miss Katy

  3. Oh my gosh! These look incredible! Wahaca's fish tacos are my absolute favourites! x


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