Thursday 31 March 2016

wahaca spring specials.

I love Mexican food, I really do. I also love getting lots of small plates and sharing all different kinds of food with whoever I'm dining with. So it's a no-brainer that I also love Wahaca.

My friend and I were invited to try out this month's specials, as well as a few other tasty morsels. 

Despite being slightly hungover from a wedding the night before, I opted for a hibiscus margarita - which was really juicy, but boy can you taste the tequila in it! We also had some guacamole & tortilla chips to nibble on while we perused the menu.

Obviously, we chose both of the specials, along with sweet potato taquitos, sweet potatoes, and chilli chorizo fundido.

The slow cooked lamb shoulder taco was so tasty - the meat was so tender! I could have eaten about 10 of them. The crispy prawn taco was less exciting, but still so good! Fresh and tasty with a prawny hint. 

I've been to Wahaca a few times, but I don't think I've ever had a taquito before. Ummmmm. So. Good. Crisp rolled up corn tortillas filled with sweet potato and feta. I'll take it. The chilli chorizo fundido I probably wouldn't have again - it was a bit too sloppy for me. Also, I somehow managed to get chilli oil in my eye while eating it, so that may have marred my opinion slightly. Perhaps take some safety goggles if you're thinking of trying this dish. 

We had another cocktail each - cheeky - and after a little break decided to have some churros for dessert. It's basically illegal to not have churros when they're on the menu. It's hard to go wrong with these delicious cinnamon dusted doughnuts and molten chocolate! 

Before I round this off with a classic "you should eat here, it's well good" I want to quickly mention how great the staff are at the Bristol branch. I've been twice lately & had two different servers, and both were so friendly, helpful and just generally amazing, even though the restaurant was full & crazy! Juliana & Peter - you're the best. 

Head to Wahaca before 11th May to get your hands on their Spring specials! You might see me there working my way through the rest of the menu..

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  1. The sweet potato taquitos are hands down the best thing on the menu - I order them every time. It's also a great restaurant for Coeliacs - they have a whole menu just for gluten free people!

  2. Everything looks incredible! Especially those cinnamon dusted doughnuts! I'm drooling a little just looking at them!

    xx, Caitlin

  3. Not having a Wahaca in Scotland makes me so sad! Far and away my favourite restaurant chain. The staff are always so helpful!


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