Thursday 8 September 2016

affordable art fair - this weekend in bristol!

Tonight sees the private view of the Affordable Art Fair, which continues throughout this weekend at Brunel's Old Station. 

Read on for a little about the fair, how to buy beautiful art for your home, and some fun at a print workshop with artist Kerry Day!

Affordable Art Fair, Bristol.

Affordable Art Fair brings together hundreds of emerging and established artists from across the globe. They have these fairs all over the world, including 3 locations in the UK - Battersea Park, Hamstead Heath, and here in lovely Bristol. 

You can pay on the door, or advance ticket information can be found here

They aim to make owning artwork available to more people, and that's where the Own Art scheme comes in. You can spread the cost of a piece of art over 10 months, interest free! 

It's not just about buying art though..

Affordable Art Fair, Bristol.
Affordable Art Fair, Bristol.

There will be loads to do over the weekend, including:

• private view - tonight, £12. This will benefit Off The Record, which provides free & confidential mental health support to young people in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. 

• late night browsing on Friday night until 8pm - and there's a bar! 

• artist Harriet Riddell will be doing live sewn portraits - you could get one of yourself.

• an exclusive showing of The Art Bastard Show - a satirical mockumentary. 

• teaming up with Bristol Folk House to bring you workshops & interactive classes.

Affordable Art Fair, Bristol.

I was invited down to Bristol Folk House to have a one on one example of one of these workshops with print artist Kerry Day

I've always meant to go to a class or two at BFH, but never got around to it! I'm so glad I got this little push, because it's a lovely creative place.

Affordable Art Fair, Bristol.
Kerry Day printing blocks stamps workshop
Kerry Day print tea towels
Kerry Day portfolio fabric printing
Kerry Day print workshop
Kerry Day print workshop

It was great to meet Kerry and chat about arty things. I hadn't done any printing really since college many moons ago, and I was put off by having a scary tutor! So it was nice to have another chance to do some printing in a much more relaxing atmosphere! It was a really calming process.

She showed me examples of her work, all the different blocks and stamps she had made & how to use them. I had a few practise runs and then decided on how I was going to print my tea towel. I was feeling pretty autumnal that day, if you couldn't tell! 

Kerry Day print workshop
Kerry Day print workshop

Kerry will have a workshop or two during the fair, and there's more information of workshops, classes, talks & tours here.

I'll leave you with a few images of her bold and cheery work, and her studio - because I know you're all as nosy as me, and people's workspaces are so inspiring!

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  1. This event looks so fun! It's events like this that make me wish I was from further down south so I could attend things like this more often! x

  2. I love Kerry's workspace! It seemed like you had such a good time at this event. Wish I could go! x


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