Friday 6 November 2015

6 alternative ways to give gifts.

Gift giving season is lovely, isn't it? But it's not just about wrapping presents to put under the tree for your loved ones - at least not for me, not this year! Here are a few of my favourite alternative ways that you can give gifts.

• John Lewis Give With Love - this year I'm getting involved with this bloggers' Secret Santa! I'm hoping it'll be a sweet way to spread a little joy & hopefully connect with some new (to me) bloggers! Keep your eyes peeled at the beginning of December when we'll all be opening our mystery gifts.

• Secret Santa at work - I love everyone I work with, and we've had some new members joining us over the last few months. I like the challenge of buying something for someone I don't know very well, and hopefully finding something they'll really like! 

• Buy & wrap a present for yourself! Technically this is a present for a loved one, and it's a bit silly, but I like it. It's good to treat yourself, and you know you'll definitely get a present you like!

• Autumn Time Surprise Project - this is kind of similar to the Secret Santa format, but a little earlier, as we'll all have our gifts by the 22nd of November. I signed up to this project through lovely local company Card Nest, and I'm really looking forward to giving something lovely to a stranger.

• Cooking for someone - maybe I'm a feeder, but I love cooking for people I love. Something about putting lots of time & effort into food and seeing people enjoy it is so lovely. Last year I cooked a Christmas meal for my housemates - it was hard work but so so worth it! We all split the cost of the meal so it was super cheap, even with dessert! 

• Donating to charity - last year I found out about the homeless charity, Crisis. Of course, homeless people need our help all year round, but Christmas is a lovely place to start. You can donate whatever you can afford, but for about £22 one homeless person can have 3 hot meals (including Christmas dinner), showers, a bed, medical help & so much more. Many of them leave feeling more positive about the coming year.

Here's a video of last year! 

Will you be giving any unusual Christmas gifts this year?

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  1. Definitely cooking for someone is great! :) I've also signed up to The Perfect Strangers Project which is being run by Oh Comely magazine, and the Fat Mum slim gift swap which is in aid of charity! Alice xx

  2. I totally agree with these. I like the cooking idea. I'm actually not going home for the first time this Christmas and it already feels weird, but I'll be spending it with my boyfriend and his family instead. I'd love to cook him something. Maybe I'll get up early and make him a delicious breakfast! :)

  3. Wow, thanks for bringing the Crisis thing to my attention - what a lovely way to do some good at this time of year x
    Sophie Cliff

  4. These are all lovely ideas! Love the post!

  5. This is a lovely post. Love the idea of wrapping up a gift for yourself. I enjoy giving at Christmastime to my friends and family and those I don't know through charity work where I can.

    Steph x

  6. Absolutely loved this post lady! I'm spending Boxing Day helping at Crisis and all of these are such good alternative ideas <3 xx

  7. Some really lovely ideas here. Especially cooking for someone and buying/wrapping a gift for yourself. Think I may have to do undertake these! x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  8. "Giving gifts doesn't have to be limited to giving physical items. There are many creative and meaningful ways to give gifts, such as a handwritten letter, an experience, a shared activity, a donation, a subscription, or even a homemade meal. The possibilities are endless!"


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