Friday 20 June 2014

my granny's flowers.

After lunch with my mum last Wednesday, we made the short journey to my Granny's house.

Granny has always had a beautiful garden, and looked after it really well. Unfortunately, she's fallen very ill and can't get out into her little paradise anymore, so we decided to pick and arrange some of the beautiful flowers in the garden, so that she could still appreciate them inside her home.

I wasn't sure if I'd done a very good job, having not done much flower arranging before, but the way her face lit up when I brought them in to her told me that I did just fine.

Making an effort for the people you love, especially when they're suffering, is so important.

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  1. What a beautiful post! xxx

  2. This is such a gorgeous garden and the flowers look lovely! I hope your grandma's feeling better soon! :) xx

  3. That's so sweet. I hope all is well soon! These flowers are gorgeous.

  4. that's such a sweet thing of you to do! you arranged those flowers beautifully :) I hope your granny gets better soon ❤

  5. Hope your granny fells better soon, those flowers are beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  6. Such beautiful flowers, the whole garden looks so stunning and pretty esp with the lovely sunshine shinning on it! X

  7. So beautiful, everything looks so lovely in the sunshine ^_^ Xx


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