Wednesday 12 March 2014

vintage daisies.

This is what I wore to the vintage fair that I blogged about yesterday. I got this dress years ago at Totnes market, and it's kind of become my vintage fair uniform! It's just so easy to wear, no matter what time of year it is. 

It's a bit of a funny shape, as it's from the 80s, the top is quite billowy & then it is cinched in with a matching belt. I guess I could've altered that when I made the skirt a little shorter though, so maybe I secretly like it. 

Also, in the quest to grow my hair I've been wearing it up and off my face a lot more lately, which means I've been wearing my glasses more too. I feel like I need something to hide behind!

• London Retro glasses +
• Zara coat
• charity shop bag
• vintage Marks & Spencer dress
• Clarks Originals desert boots +

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  1. I love this dress and I also happen to love you.

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  2. That dress is so pretty, you look wonderful lyzi! x

  3. really cute, love it :)

    x Maria

  4. Love this dress, I sometimes struggle with styling the shape of vintage dress finds.

  5. This dress looks so lovely [: I think floral prints for Spring will never get old ❀❀

  6. Cute dress! x

  7. Lovely dress! I went to that vintage fair too! It was good wasn't it? I wanted to buy everything though hahaha :) x

  8. You are so cute! You have such lovely features - I might have slight eyebrows and lips envy.


  9. Lovely outfits! I especially like the tights that you wore!

    Krystal |

  10. Definitely, definitely, definitely love the dress, especially with the tights!

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  11. Nice outfits !


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