Thursday 13 March 2014

elephant food super snacks.

"It's a jungle out there. And when you're on the go, you deserve something amazing to NOURISH your body and delight your taste buds. That's why we've created three lovingly blended snack mixes, bursting with flavour and chock-full of 100% natural, superfood goodness.

On-the-go snacks for superhumans."

I was really excited to try these new snacks from Elephant Food, because, I don't know about you, but when it hits 4 or 5pm, I get into a total slump. I have no energy, and I'm hungry (and a little grumpy too..)

These are the perfect thing to keep the hunger at bay until dinner. They're packed full of vitamins and things, plus they're yummy! I'd usually be reaching for some chocolate or crisps that are full of fat, salt and sugar, so these are a great replacement, and don't give me that guilty post-snack feeling! 

"There are no preservatives, nasties or empty calories in Elephant Food mixes."

The mixes are also great on porridge to give it a bit of excitement and texture!   

My favourite out of the three was the blue "Nuttin' but Energy" mix. I liked the bitter cocoa alongside the sweet nuts. I loved the berries in the other mixes too, but unfortunately I don't like coconut, which tainted them slightly for me (although I did pick most of it out and still ate the rest!)

I've been sharing them with Doug, as he's a bit of a snack fiend as well! They get a thumbs up from him, too!

What do you snack on in the afternoon?

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  1. Oh my gadddd these sound amazing!

    Maria xxx

  2. Oh these are ace - always drawn in by some sweet packaging! Although I'm definitely not like you, managing to stay unhungry till 4pm? THAT's a winner - I'm hungry by 8am, then 10am, then 11am, oh then lunch and then 2pm etc. You get me.. ;) xx

  3. Aw man you made me so hungry in my'afternoon slump' these sound delish! x

  4. I love healthy snacks like this! Yum x

  5. Great review and pics! My favourite is the Berry Boost. Chocco cranberries and Goji Berries #AwesomeCombo


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