Tuesday 4 March 2014

happy pancake day!

I've been too excited for this day for so long, despite the fact that I've eaten pancakes almost every day in the past week! I just have such high hopes for the creative things I'm going to do with my fried goodies today! 

This morning I made oaty pancakes with raspberries (above) which is basically what I have for breakfast most mornings, except my usual porridge has magically turned into pancakes! 

The rest of the day will involve deliciously thin crepe-style pancakes - y'know the kind that go slightly crispy around the edges?! I'll be filling those with ginger curd, lemon juice and honey, OR nutella and more raspberries! 

And for a savoury option, I'm also going to try my very best to make these amazing corn and chilli pancakes a la Audrey, with some fresh tomatoes, guacamole and maybe a little bacon if I'm feeling extra naughty! 

Oh my goodness I love this day so much!

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  1. This sounds amaaazing!
    I have to wait until later for pancakes but this post has made me hungry (and want raspberries!) xx

  2. looks so so delicious! my son and his class will be making pancakes at school as well, I love them too, but have to watch my diet :) <3 xoxo

  3. I plan on having a three course dinner of pancakes tonight, with three different varieties - yum!

    Rosie x

  4. These look amazing! I've bought all my ingredients on my lunch break and am counting down the hours to **PANCAKE TIME** :-) Little London Girl x

  5. You have a very impressive commitment to pancake day :D I'm not sure whether to go for American style or crepes- the savoury ones seem yummy though.

  6. Nice! Those pancakes look really really good, and crepe-thin ones sound delicious, too! Glad you're having such a yummy pancake day!

  7. Looks delicious!
    x Hannah

  8. These look so good! I had pancakes for dinner today and Sunday (any excuse to photograph them to get a blog post up today!) x

  9. Raspberry pancakes - a combination of my two favourite things! Arghhh why didn't I have time to make any today :(

    Nicola //

  10. Those pancakes look so good! I've never understood how people can get them in a small circle-ish shape, mine always end up huge and flat xx

    Amy |

  11. wow look great! Would like to have some of them here! :D

    xx Brittney


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