Sunday 20 October 2013

edinburgh day 3 & 4.

The third day started out slowly, what with Doug falling ill and both of us feeling tired from the day before. We decided that we needed to go to Mums for some comforting sausages and mash for lunch. We both got hot chocolates too, and left feeling very full but very content.

On the same road there are a couple of good charity shops, both stocking some lovely & reasonably priced vintage pieces. Another vintage find was W. Armstrong & Son down in the Grassmarket area. It looks like a normal sized shop from the outside, but is absolutely HUGE inside! 

After buying a cosy new scarf (Scotland is COLD, guys) we hopped on a train to meet up with the lovely Ayden & John in Glasgow. We went to Burger Meats Bun for a super yummy burger & beer, and then headed to Tiki Bar for a cocktail (and THE pug story) before making our way back to Edinburgh & our bed.

Keep scrolling for the final day..

Our final day was absolutely lovely. We popped back to my favourite shop in Edinburgh, Hannah Zakari, to buy a couple of Stay Home Club t-shirts to match the cute card I'd bought the day before. We chatted a bit and I noticed some Harriet Gray goodies, as well as some postcards with two of my favourite bloggers - Lucy from Shiny Thoughts & Kaylah from The Dainty Squid!

We then wandered through Grassmarket yet again, and noticed a cute milk bar. We popped in and I had probably the nicest hot chocolate of my life! Mary's Milk Bar also has homemade scrummy-looking gelato, but we felt too cold to indulge in that!

After warming our insides & popping our new t-shirts on, we headed north to the Royal Botanic Garden. The walk itself was lovely, and it was nice to explore a new area. We walked around lots of cobbled circular places, and crossed a river where I spotted a heron and got really excited about it. I think the area was called Stockbridge, and was full of nice little stores, cafés and charity shops too.

The gardens were beautiful, of course. I enjoyed finding all the autumnal treats, like berries, acorns and chestnuts, and climbing the rock garden to see the city. On our way back to the centre, we stopped for lunch at a little café on Circus Place, and they gave us free garlic bread!

Finally, we headed back to the hostel to pick up our bags & sit by the fire until it was time to make our way back to Bristol.

I miss you, Edinburgh.

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  1. Such gorgeous photos Lyzi. I love the Breaking Bad brooches :)

  2. Stunning pictures and love your new t-shirts! Will visit Edinburgh one day, for sure!

  3. I need to book a trip ASAP!

  4. It looks sooo good!ill remember this post for when i eventually go!xx

  5. These pictures are really beautiful! I love your blog :D I think I really need to visit this place or a place like it in my next holiday!

    X Valérie

  6. Gorgeous photos :) Edinburgh looks like a truly magical place, I'll have to add it to my "to-absolutely-visit" list of places !


  7. I love Edinburgh, I will be printing off your posts for when I go back next year for trip inspiration :)

    Maria xxx

  8. Both those hot chocolates were huge! These pictures are wonderful Lyzi, looks like you had an awesome time in Edinburgh! x

  9. I have been loving these Edinburgh posts so much as I had a lovely little trip there earlier this year and it was my favourite holiday in a longgggg time! I loved Hannah Zakari (I posted about them a few months back actually as I couldn't wait to show off my space shuttle necklace!) and that vintage clothes shop was heavenly! Your new t-shirts are wonderful. So glad you had a lovely time. I can't wait to go back!

  10. STAY AT HOME CLUB!!! did you get a membership card?! i love them :)

  11. Gorgeous photos. I love edinburgh. When we were last there we stayed at the hotel du vin which is just round the corner from mums. X

  12. I love Edinburgh so much and your lush photos bring back very fond memories. Glad to see you went to Mums, that place is delicious! <3

  13. gorgeous photos! I love living in Edinburgh- and especially walking around the beautiful botanical gardens! I'll definitely have to try out Mary's Milk Bar xxx

  14. Just moved to London a few months ago and you're going to make me cry with all these beautiful pictures of Edinburgh! I loved feeding squirrels at the botanic gardens when I was little :) x

  15. Both of you are sporting some ace tee's there! My friend went to Edinburgh and loved it, definitely want to visit


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