Thursday 23 August 2012

I've blogged about Matthew & Me briefly before, after seeing them at a local music festival. We listen to their EP a lot in the car, and I follow them on Twitter and Facebook - I'm very keen to support local talent when I come across it.

Recently, they sent messages out and tweeted about the fact that their tour van had died :( they've set up a page where you can donate however much you like to help them get a new one! Something that's even better, is for that certain amounts you can get something back, too! Like EPs, t-shirts.. you can even get them to come and play in your house! I personally think they'd be great at an intimate wedding, but apparently no one wants to marry me, so...

They're 22% of the way to their shiny new van, even just a couple of quid will help! Go donate :)

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