Wednesday 1 August 2012

fragmented splendour.

A little bit overdue.. but I finally caught up with one of last month's sponsors, the beautiful Annabel from Fragmented Splendour, to find out more about her cute blog and beautiful shop.


• Hello! Tell me a little about yourself.

Bonjour! Hello! :) My name is Annabel and I'm a 20 year old Fine Art Student from a little place in Lancashire, I have a blog and shop both under the name Fragmented Splendour.

• What can we discover on your blog?

A little bit of everything that I love! I share bits of my everyday life (Mainly food and my cats and dog), my favourite artists, new jewellery pieces, and I'm also a fan of that thing called beauty blogging and like rambling about my favourite shampoo sometimes.

• What is your inspiration behind it?

My blog started as a place to share pretty things I found on the internet but it has since grown and is a lot more centered around my interests/life now :)
As for my shop, I have always been making jewellery, when I was younger I used to create little figurines out of clay and stick them on necklaces, now though I like using natural stones and crystals to create unique pieces :)


• When did you first start blogging/open up your online shop?

I started up my blog last October and my shop a little bit before that!


• Your shop is beautifully presented, did you design it yourself?

I did! I enjoy tweaking design elements and am always messing about in photoshop, one of the reasons I chose bigcartel over etsy was the customisation, the design represents my brand so much more!


• What are some of your favourite items in your shop?

That's a hard question as I only make pieces I love!
I love making the collar necklaces, and I think visually, the brass triangle with Ametrine is pretty unique!


• Where else can we find you on the internet?

Well my blog obviously :), twitter, & my instagram is @FragmentedSplendour.


• Is there anything else you think we should know?

Hmm... I really like giving and recieving hugs, quiet time, taking photo's of my adorable pets, dying my hair red and eating Ben & Jerrys! (phish food of course!) :)

•  •  •  •

Thank you Annabel!

In case you hadn't noticed, it's the 1st of August, which means I have a few new sponsors! Take a look over to the right hand side of the screen where you will discover some lovely blogs and shops!


  1. Lovely post! That jewellery looks so sweet, definetly going to pop over. It's always nice to find out a bit about the people behind these things!
    Cara x
    (Check out my giveaway!)

  2. The picture of the dog caught my heart... and I don't even like dogs that much ^^ xx

  3. Oh her jewellery is beautiful! I rarely buy jewellery but I'm temped now x

  4. Annabel's jewellery looks beautiful and that wee dig is just precious! Such a cutie!
    Lianne x

  5. Gorgeous and unique jewellery! It's great to be able to hear about more individual sellers, thanks!

  6. Reading these comments made me veryy happy, thank you everyone! & Thank you to lyzi for having me for the month :)


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