Saturday 28 July 2012

As I've briefly mentioned on Being Little and twitter, Ella and I have been planning a trip to Paris. Well this trip is sneaking up very fast (less than 2 weeks away now!) and I've been getting very excited, and trying to decide what I'm going to take.

I've been searching for a white dress for a little while now, to become a summer staple. I kept finding lovely dresses, but they were so see-through, or just not quite right. When Glamorous sent me this sweet dress, I fell in love! It's simple enough to not feel too dressy, but has a gorgeous lace back which gives it a whole new dimension (and shows off my new and improved tattoos! More on that another day)

I paired it with my Urban Outfitters felt hat that seems to go with everything lately (which I got in the sale in the Spring) a thin brown belt from Primark, and wine coloured platforms from Office.

I can't stop looking through my Atget's Paris book, and bought this sweet leather cover for my passport. I couldn't resist the summery blue colour, and it was so cheap from Amazon!

I haven't been out of the country for about 5 years, so I need a little help from you guys out there! I have a few questions that I hope you can answer!

• Do you always use travel insurance? Where is the best place to get it?
• How much money will I need for 5 nights in Paris?!
• What are the must-dos and must-gos in Paris? What can I not afford to miss?
• Do you know of any hidden Parisian gems?
• Any travel advice in general? Things I may not have thought of?


  1. me and my friend went to paris for 5 nights with 125 euros in my pocket last autumn. we bought wizzair tickets so they were really cheap as well. we didn't spend money on hotels, because we were couchsurfing and i think it's the best way to find accomodation! we stayed at one guy's place in the 11th distrist (near the bastille, it's a cosy distctric full of little cafes and nice pubs), then we met another couchsurfer, we drank wine and climbed up the roof - it was the best moment of my stay in paris.
    what else should you do? go to the louvre museum, drink cheap wine by the seine river, buy some old french vougues from bookinists, eat a baguette on the stairs by the sacre-coeur and see the eiffel tower at night!

  2. You are to adorable :) great idea to ask some questions :) I'm so excited to be going with you Lyzi :) its going to be amazing you look so beautiful in that dress and the hat is just Devine I am going to resemble a tramp next to you hehe it's going to be great x

  3. I went to Paris last summer and one of the places we were told to visit was Saint Chapelle. Its a beautiful old church tucked away inside another building so it empty compared to all the other monuments and the stain glass windows in it are amazing. Hope you have a great time in Paris

  4. You look stunning in that outfit Lyzi and your Paris trip sounds EPIC!!! When I went with my school many yonds ago we visited this really weird place called 'T-Rex Cinema', I've try'd to find it on the net but had no luck. You have to go there, it was fun when we went, and believe me you won't being seeing a film inside, its something else ;) Make sure also to visit some shops that have vintage beads, lace, paper etc. I have no idea where they are but I'm sure you will find them. My sister and her boyfriend went a couple years back and went to these shops and got the most amazing vintage graph paper. I will try and ask them which area these shops were in, but I just know you and Ella will love them.

  5. you look absolutely stunning!xo

  6. Definitely get travel insurance, just in case! Price-comparison sites are your friend, my boyfriend and I got it for just £8 each when we went to Turkey a few weeks ago, much better than the Post Office who wanted £48 for 6 days... x

  7. Aww that dress is so lovely! You look really pretty :). Very jealous of your trip, my main experience of paris is disneyland... I'm dying to do the city properly one day though! Oh and definitely go for travel insurance- you can get it for a few pounds and its just worth it for peace of mind!
    Kaz x

  8. Glamoroussent me this dress too, and i've been so unsure as to how to wear it brcause there's so much white, so it's good to see you in it!
    I don't usually get travel insurance but I would advise you too for Paris because you get a lot of pick pockets.
    As for money, I'd say take as much as you realistically can. You might not necessarily spend it ll, but it's better than being short - I gave myself too little when I went and it was so disheartening.
    Also if you can check out Les Puces
    It wasn't open when I went but everyone who lives in/has been to Paris told me to go if I could and it sounds amazing!

    Have a beautiful time xoxo

  9. Ah I've got so many Paris tips as I went last week! I've posted about the Sacre-Couer on my blog which I would really recommend, it's free and open all hours. Also Laduree patisserie on the champs-élysées. The Louvre and the Musee d'Orsay are very near each other, and don't forget if you're a EU citizen (inc UK) you can get into most things for free! Just show them your passport at the entrance desk. :)

    1. Forgot to say that to get in free you must be under 25. X

  10. i've been noticing yours and ellas tweets about paris, it's been making me very jealous!
    that dress is beautiful!
    i can't give any tips for paris but my advice to anyone travelling is you absolutely need travel insurance! you need to be covered if the very worst happens, and i don't mean loosing your bags... you can get it form the post office, sometimes your bank account offers it too. xxx

  11. You look fantastic in that dress! And I'm ever so jealous of your Paris trip. I don't have many gems to offer about Paris but you definitely, definitely need to get travel insurance as others have said!

    Emily Wears Things

  12. I always get travel insurance just because I'd be devastated if I lost a camera or my bags!! It's pretty cheap, your bank will do it. Or go on a compare website.


  13. I'm going in September and I can't wait to see what you egt up too and I'm reading all these tips :) The Louvre is free on Fridays and I think a lot of Museums are free on Sundays.
    You should visit the Shakespeare and Company book shop and eat lots of macarons!
    I pay £6 for my bank account (hsbc) every month and get lots of benefits one of which is free travel insurance for 30 days in a year xx

  14. Love this outfit - so perfect for Paris! As for travel insurance (I hate that I'm going to sound like an advert here!) I get mine for free through my Nationwide current account - maybe worth looking in to?

    As for Paris- the sacre couer (probably not the correct spelling) is my favourite building, but what I love most in Paris is just walking, getting lost and stumbling across things - because it's Paris, and no matter where you go you'll stumble across something wonderful...

  15. I love your dress! It's perfect! So jealous that you're off to Paris, I'd love to go! xx

  16. I LOVE this outfit, you look amazing. The dress is so lovely and the shoes go so well with it, dream outfit :) x

  17. Absolutely beautiful dress, you look gorgeous! I can't wait to hear about your trip - no doubt you'll both take beautiful photographs :-) xxx

  18. You look great and this would be the perfect dress to take to Paris! If you're under 25 your get into most, if not all, museums for free so make sure you have your ID with you all the time! If you guys are going up the Eiffel Tower it's worth buying your tickets online before you go, saves you having to stand in the massively long queues and they might even be cheaper. Montmartre is my favorite part of town, the carrousel from Amelie is there, worth a visit. Laduree is the best place on earth for macaroons. For lunch, France does this amazing 'plat de jour' (dish of the day) and lunch deals for much cheaper than eating a la carte. Avoid the Champs-Élysées for eating etc, it's gorgeous to walk down but not very budget friendly. Paris is probably my most favorite city in the whole world and I'm sure you'll fall head over heels in love. I really hope you enjoy it

  19. Love this dress and your hat is amazing. You look so pretty! Shop around for insurance. I don't know the name of the website I brought my insurance from but I just typed into google 'cheap travel insurance' and it came up with several good websites :)

    Jo. x

  20. Sorry I don't know Paris... Insurance is a must but having only flown places it often comes with flights! Love the dress/shoes combo :) xo

  21. Lucky you going to Paris! Such a gorgeous city! I would say insurance is a must - the AA do good insurance, not too expensive and covers everything. I was in Paris last year and loved wandering around Monmatre (think that's how you spell it) the artists district, so many cute wee shops. The Sacre Coeur is lovely and has gorgeous views over Paris from the top of the steps and the Orangerie gallery is fab. The Pompidou always has street performers outside so nice to sit and watch them. You also get in free to lots of galleries if you are under 26! So good! Hope you enjoy it - such a beautiful place!
    Lianne :)

  22. Your dress is so pretty! I've heard so many good things about Glamorous and love so much of their stuff, I just need a payrise! I'm sorry I have no Parisian pearls of wisdom but I hope you both have a lovely time xx

  23. A very Parisian look, I love it!

    As for advice? Keep an eye on your belongings, at all times!

  24. Aw you look adorable! I'm heading to Paris in 2 and a half weeks and I'm so excited!!

  25. I'm going to Paris for the third time on the 14th, I can't wait I'm at an age were I can appreciate it more!
    I have a list of places to go including Montrarnasse Tower, Palais of Chaillot, Palace of Versailles, Palace de la Comcorde, Eglise de la Madeleine, Lovers Bridge near Notre Dame, looking at Art Nouvea doors (avenue rapp), the Lourve and hopefully disneyland.
    I'm taking around £500 spending money, people have told me to take a grand becuase Paris is expensive but I think that may be too much.
    But fingers cross I'll have enough.
    Hope you have a lovely time in Paris



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