Wednesday 11 July 2012

c'mon now baby : motel rocks autumn 2012 preview!

Hello my pretty ones, I said I'd be back on Monday, but life got in the way (again!) I've been spending most of my time sorting out all of my belongings and packing them into boxes, ready for my move in 4 weeks! I know it seems like a long way away, but I have a LOT of stuff. 

Anyway, for that reason I haven't had anything particularly interesting to blog about.. that was until this beauty landed in my email inbox!!

You've heard me prattle on about how awesome Motel Rocks clothing is, but with good reason. And this Autumn collection doesn't look like it'll let me down! I love the fun vibe of the video above, and below is something that I have my eye on! My playsuit collection is slowly growing (I have 7, I counted today) and I think this one would fit in nicely...

Take a look at the lookbook yourselves! What do you like the look of?


  1. ooh I love anything with leopard print, the shorts in the lookbook are my fave x

  2. I like!

  3. looks amazing! Killer heels :D


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