Thursday 31 May 2012

I mentioned the other day that I missed the Olympic torch coming through my town, but I managed to see it while I was in Cheltenham. And I absolutely LOVED it!

It may have something to do with the fact that my friend is part of the Lloyds TSB team that is travelling with the torch on its 70 day tour.. but I enjoyed every part of the experience! 

It was a beautiful day in Cheltenham, and as Elliott was at work, I spent the afternoon on my own. I had a lovely walk up to the racecourse, where the evening celebration was held that day.

As I got there, it was just starting to fill up. It was lovely to see people of all ages and backgrounds coming together and having a good time. There was such a happy atmosphere! I lay in the grass and waited for something exciting to happen...

When Josh finally came on stage I got SO excited and proud. I wanted to tell all the strangers around me that I knew him! He did some little tricks on his bike, and the rest of the team did some amazing stuff too..

After he performed, I got myself a gin and wandered around until he had some free time. There were loads of little stalls and fun things, it was like a little festival. 

I finally spotted Josh, just before the torch was due to come through, and we weren't meant to cross the racetracks. Obviously, I climbed over the barrier to get a lovely hug and a good chat with Josh before he had to leave!

Oh and, of course, a photo of the torch on a horse!
I know we're already on day 13, but if the Olympic torch is coming through your town I strongly urge you to go and see it! Even if the evening celebration is too far for you, just seeing the torch go past is probably a once in a lifetime thing, and the atmosphere is buzzing. Find out when the torch will be near you by clicking here!

If you do go to see it, look out for the Lloyds TSB bus, and Josh on his little BMX :)
Here's a video of him doing what he does best, because you REALLY need to see him in action to appreciate his skills!


  1. i saw the show in plymouth it was absolutely epic! they said around 40,000 people went!

    saw your friend josh too, i thought some of the people in the lloyds thing were a bit random but his bike stuff was impressive :)

    josie x

  2. This looks like an absolutely lovely day of celebrations and the sun makes it even better! I really want to go see the torch but unfortunately I think I'll miss it since when I'm at uni it goes through my home city and then when I go home it get's to uni! Typical! But I'll be certain to catch up with what's going on through everyone else's photos (: xx

  3. Lovely post - I've not seen the tourch but will try to when it comes through my town if I havent already missed it! Love your little annotations on the photos - so cute! xx

    PS your mate is very talented!

  4. that is just so cool that you know him! looks amazing! if only i was athletic haha

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  5. The torch went through my little town and work kindly allowed us to finish early to watch it. It was great and the atmosphere was absolutely fantastic. So pleased that I saw it x


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