Tuesday 15 May 2012


• the delicious cake my mum and I made •

A few photos from the past few days of celebrations, and documenting my actual birthday today. Sorry if you already follow me on instagram and have seen all of these already! If you want to follow me, my username is littlelyzi.

• in my hometown waiting for my boy to arrive •

• the amazing lazy oaf tee from my best friend, oli •

• a very cute card from ella! •

• dolled up for alkaline trio •

• a very sunny birthday morning •

• some presents and cards! •

• my mum knows me so well... cake and a piglet on a card - ideal •

• trip to the post office to pick up a mystery parcel •

• killing time waiting for the post office to open •

• mystery parcel turned out to be fancy gin, a birthday present from a friend! yum! •

• birthday nap with bunton bear •

• my new favourite magazine! from my flatmate, kayley •

• messy pink hair, and a cat bow from rhiannon at vintage style me • 


I really wish I'd taken a photo of my noodly dinner because it was so beautiful and yummy! But I just wanted to eat it immediately. All in all, I've had a bloody lovely birthday. Thank you to everyone who made it special! There are still a few little celebrations to be had!

Also, I promise I'll do a real blog post soon with proper photos and everything!


  1. i started buying my mum mollie makes last month, it's such a lovely crafty magazine!

    it looks love you had a wonderful birthday, your cake looks amazing!


  2. you are just too cute little! :) haha.
    I'm glad you had a lovely birthday xoxox

  3. seems like you had such an amazing day! so glad!!!
    wishing you nothing but happiness girl!

  4. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you've had an amazing couple of days!

  5. Oh my god, your cake looks AMAZING!!
    Hope you had a swell birthday, looks as though you did! :)

  6. Happy Birthday Lyzi! Looks like you had an amazing time! And how amazing is your birthday cake?! Hope you have a lovely week!

  7. Aw your birthday seemed so perfect! Glad you had a lovely day

  8. Happy (late) birthday! I'm glad you had a nice day! =)

    You're so cute on these photos! I love your hair! ^^

  9. Happy Belated Birthday me dear xxx

  10. Happy belated birthday :)
    PS: Great photos. Your hair looks lovely. x

  11. Yay looks like you had a wonderful day, what lovely photos and yummy gin!

  12. Your hair looks amazing! I am so jealous!

    I'm glad you had a lovely birthday and I hope you were wished Happy Birthday by Alkaline Trio ^_^

    Lisamello xx

  13. Happy belated birthday :)
    It looks like you had such a great day.
    Your pink hair looks amazing! x

  14. Lovely photo's that tee is so cute! Hope you had a lovely bday!

    joanne from

  15. Aw it all looks great! Hope you had a great day :D xx


  16. Such a fun looking birthday! Just found your blog and think it's adorable!


  17. Your pictures are lovely, hope you had a lovely birthday and that cake has made me so hungry haha! xx

  18. Your home town is beautiful!
    As are you, great pics, hope you had a wonderful birthday! =)

  19. Aaaww what a lovely birthday! Happy Day! I'm so pleased I was able to meet you at Next - You looked so different! ;)

    So glad you got a lazy oaf T, Im deffo and Oaf too ;)

    p. we have the same cups and saucers (in your post below)!! Do you have a set of 4? :)

    love Lucy / Shiny Thoughts

  20. Hi, just found your blog and I am loving your style, seems you've really been enjoying yourself. happy to be your newest follower! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  21. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Your lazy Oaf tee is pretty damn cool.

  22. Looks like you had a great birthday, Your hair looks lovely, i love your cat hair bow, i looked on vintage style me website and looks great i think i will be purchasing some things off there when i can x


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