Monday 12 December 2011

sneak preview.

So excited about this! It's only a few days away now, so if you'd like to come there's some more information here!


  1. looks amazing, i wish i could come! is this happening every year? x

  2. I'm equal parts excited and nervous!

  3. Hey Lyzi! yes, the pictures were form El Cantara's where we went with Company Magzine. I've gone there a few times since with friends and family to show them and because it's so pretty and cosy there. I love places that make me dream of a far away place. Are you able to come with a friend to the blogger's party even if they do not write a blog or are the tickets strictly for blogger's only? Think I'm a little shy to go alone. Have a lovely day!! peace and wishes xxx

  4. Loved this video, got me all excited!

  5. Can't wait, only 4 days to go :) xx

  6. wow sounds like you're all gonna have a fab time, shame the interviewer sounds so bloody miserable!x

  7. Sounds amazing! Hopefully will be able to attend some events next year! Have fun girls :)


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