Thursday 1 December 2011

happy december!

Now that it's December, it feels a little more appropriate talking about Christmassy things. A couple of weeks ago, Kayley (I MISS YOU KAYLEY!) and I made and ate our first mince pies of the year. I have to admit, we did cheat a little, but they still taste soooo much better than bought mince pies!

• All you need is a jar of mincemeat, a packet of ready made pastry, an egg and some sugar.
• Follow the instructions on the pastry packet & roll it out.
• Cut lots of circles out and lay them in your cake tray.
• Be generous with your mincemeat & add some beaten egg around the edge of the pastry.
• Cut out your lids and lay them on top (we did heart shapes, but stars would be super festive!)
• Brush some more egg on top, sprinkle with sugar and then bake for at least 10 minutes.
(I can't remember how long we actually cooked them for, so just keep checking..)

Best served warm with loads of clotted cream!


  1. I looove mince pies! Can't wait to make some this year :)
    Man I'm craving them now haha


  2. yum these look amazing! may have to nip out and buy some on my lunch :) x

  3. I LOVE MINCE PIES! Now that it is the 1st of December I can start eating them until I explode! (I have a weird rule that I can only eat them from the 1st of December).


  4. I make cheats Mince Pies too! Although sometimes I add cranberries and a little orange juice to the mincemeat. And edible glitter on top of course ;o) No meal is complete without edible glitter.

    Penny x

  5. Oh yum, you've got me craving a mince pie now! I'm getting so excited for Christmas xx

  6. These sound great, it's a shame I don't have an oven in uni halls otherwise I'd be making these in a heartbeat. Thanks for sharing!

  7. These look lovely, I wish I had a mince pie to eat right now! :) x

  8. so much more fun to do it yourself!
    they are lovely xx

  9. these look absolutely lovely! i'm not usually that fond of mince pies, but i'd definitely give making them a go! xx

  10. Looks scrumptious! Mince pies are definitely one of my top Christmas indulgences- they're so moreish :D

  11. These sound so easy to make! I dunno why but I've always thought mince pies must be really difficult to make! Defo giving these a go! xx

  12. Oh I love mince pies though I've never actually made any haha! And christmas pudding - I think I may need to run out to the shops now haha!

  13. Oh, I love this! I'm totally doing it! I have no idea what mincemeat is, and I've never had a mince pie, but it sounds super British so I'm all over that shiz.


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