Monday 3 January 2011


Today I spent the afternoon watching crap awesome films and She & Him videos and nattering with one of my best girls, Kayley. Was super lovely to see her, especially as I've been ill and haven't seen anyone but my mother since last Tuesday!

After she left I took up this skirt that I got from a charity shop before Christmas. This is my favourite thing to do at the moment! I'm going to post a proper photo of it perhaps tomorrow if I've got time (and if a certain pair of glasses arrives....)

Today I reached 300 readers. It's so lovely to think people are actually interested in what I have to say/do/wear. It makes me feel all fuzzy inside! So thank you, and hello! I don't think I've ever mentioned the number of readers before on this blog, as it's not the main reason I'm here. But I just wanted to say thank you on this kind of landmark!

I just want to remind you all that there is too much hate in the world already without us adding to it.

The main blog I want to highlight today is Em's. She writes about various things including fashion and sociology in such a great way - I always enjoy reading what she has to say and her opinions. It's a great read, and I look forward to her posts! Definitely go and have a peek (plus she's super lovely in real life, which helps!)

Also, this incredible post, I can't even put into words how inspiring these images are!

Loving everyone getting so organised as well, lists everywhere! I LOVE a good list, here are some of my favourites: Here Comes The Sun, Mouse Vox, Debbie Hill and Bee's 101 things in 1001 days (which I'm going to attempt to do as well!)

Going to try for a less listy, more picturey post tomorrow. I've been ill and haven't been in a fit state to show my face to anyone! Or really get dressed... ha!


  1. Love the skirt, and congrats on reaching three hundred (and one) followers. I know I haven't been following long at all, but your blog is lovely and you totally deserve more x

  2. I love lists too, just going to check out Em's blog. congrats on 300! love yaaaa xx

  3. Congrats on the followers ;) You certainly deserve them. Love the skirt and your creativity! I hope your list goes well my love.

  4. The skirt looks really good :) Wish I was more hands on with sewing etc, there's so many things I see in charity shops and think 'if only it was a tad shorter/smaller etc'
    Congrats on 300 :)

    L x

  5. Thats skirt is really cute. And i really love the background of your room. its really quirky and nice :) Congratulations on 300 followerd !!

  6. Skirt is lovely, but I was distracted by your room! It looks lovely, and you have a roof room! I always wanted a roof room, my best friend at school had one and I was always so jealous!

    Penny x

  7. That skirt looks so lovely on you! I only wish I had your eye for potential x

  8. Ah great links, that Vamoose post is AMAZING! And that skirt is perfect, it looks like green cord, which is one of my favourite materials! x

  9. Oh i love this outfit! I love the skirt! Im now following :)

    Hope you can do the same!

  10. eeeeeeeeeeeee that skirt is so lovely! You always seem to have such good charity shop finds, there must be a lot of good charity shops in Totness-the ones round here are just terrible :P

  11. Lovely outfit, the skirt is dead nice! Loveee She & Him!


  12. Your blog is lovely. Taking up old skirts, is a great thing to do and it turned out well. xx

  13. i still adore your blog as much as i did, when i first came across it :) congrats on the +300 followers.

  14. I love that skirt! I'm really enjoying your blog so I'm going to add it to my favourite list, if that is alright with you.

  15. Lovely outfit m'dear! Congrats on reaching 300 ;)

  16. What a lovely skirt, particularly when paired a Breton top, Coco Chanel would be proud :)
    I've only discovered your blog recently and it was definitely a perk to my holidays to catch-up on all your posts, can't wait to read your future ones too now I'm all up-to-date x

  17. well done on the followers girlie :) I know its just a number, but its such a special thing watching that number grow and to know more and more people are reading what you write. looks like you did a great job of the skirt! my sewing machine is still back home at my mums, and ive got a skirt that is in tire need of a nip/tuck. so may need to use some wundaweb for now! xx

  18. Lovely outfit.
    The skirt is so cute.
    Love it.

  19. well done on 300 followers :)
    i have just found your blog and love the way its set out
    please could you check out mine and give me some tips ?

  20. could i please have the chair in the background?? No? Oh. Ok :(

  21. How thrilling to have reached 300 followers! I can certainly agree that while we don't do this for the followers, it certainly boosts up moral and self-esteem. My readers help me feel relevant on even the most humdrum of days!

    Anyhow, I quite love this post of yours. I followed the link over to the 101 things in 1001! Love!

    Best wishes, and I'm proud to be your newest follower!

    Love Always,
    Amber Rose!


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