Sunday 23 January 2011

let's play catch up.

Sorry for the really poor quality video! I'm not sure why it looks worse than usual... Just a little video to get you up to speed on what I've been doing over the past few days... Mostly because I can't be bothered to write it all out! I am aware that there are a few really unattractive angles for me in there, but I'm very tired and I just don't care.

Hope you've all had great weekends.


  1. YEY for being happy :) So....happy for you :D Good Luck with you flat and everything and hope mamabear gets super well super quick, I love how even when we are old we still want our mom. I hope that never changes. Love you girly xxxx

  2. Really love your hair and make-up!
    check out my blog? Im fairly new,

  3. I lol'ed watching this! I love your little videos. Sounds like you had a good weekend and you sound like you have some great friends too. Hope you have a nice sunday evening!

  4. Loved this vid, you're so easy to listen to :)
    Good luck with your flat etc :)

  5. car cd playlist please.
    p.s. you have nice eyebrows xx

  6. I want to marry you. Good luck with the flat sweetie! I'll definitely be popping round to pester you. Yes, I realise how stalkerish that sounded. I hope your mama gets better soon and you get company again (: Don't be too much of a stranger! Glad you had a lovely time in Bristol. It sounds lovely. Thekla is cool. I've been to a Reflex bar and your description is perfect. Haha!

  7. What a lovely listen! Okay so many things to say!
    1. I love road trips! I haven't been on one in ages, but it sounds like you and your friend had so much fun!
    2. JERSEY SHORE! I'm totally the same, I can't get it enough, it is always funny!! :D
    3. I'm so happy you got the flat that you wanted! I'm jealous too- I can't wait until I graduate and I can have my own place and decorate/do in it whatever I want! Also, that's great that you'll be living with one of your good friends, I'm sure you too will have so much fun together!
    4. I hope your mom gets out tomorrow and that she gets fully well very very soon!
    5. I'm so glad to hear that you're happy and like you said, stay positive and enjoy all the good things that are happening for you :)

    And of course, real-life is priority! I'll still be around when you have time again for bloggy stuffs =)

  8. Aww you are the cutest! I could watch your stuff forever. I'm so happy that you're happy :) hope all goes well for you. xx

  9. Omgg your eyes are so blue! Hope your mum feels better soon.
    Yess obsessed with jersey shore...watched the new series online and have even put when the next episode comes online in my calender....sad?
    Immie x

  10. i have just discovered your blog!....

  11. Loved watching this! Pleased everything is going well. Long may it continue! x

  12. Love this! I spent many a drunk night in Thekla, and sadly a few in Reflex too, eek! Congratulations with the flat, and I hope your mum makes a speedy recovery.

    Penny x

  13. Congrats on the new flat! Lovely video :)

  14. "actually it's not a problem, cos I love it" haha brilliant! I'm addicted to the old Jersey Shore too, who wouldn't want to watch crazy orange people doing strange things on your tv?!

  15. aw I love your blog so much its nice to listen to and have a change with the video aspect as I could listen to it an (pretend) to tidy my room at the same time.
    Also yeah I HATE reflex, you are so right when you say its full of middle aged men, who think they are in with a shot (why?????)
    hope your mum gets better soon and the flat works out :)

    X x

  16. ahhh I love Bristol :) My ex-boyfriend is at UWE studying fine art so I was down there quite a bit when we were together. Mr Wolfs is probably my favourite place ever! I always used to get noodles there :)

    It sounds like you've had a good weekend, congratulations on getting the flat! x x x x

  17. I have the same pillow! Congrats on the new flat!

  18. awww i liked this vlog, i think they're way more personal than writing can ever be! you're so cute

    ♥ elle

    elle & the fashion folk

  19. Ooh yes I like a little vlog! Whenever I try and do them it all goes out of sync :( I'll have to try and fix that!

    Ahh I love the Canteen, there are some really good pubs and bars along Gloucester road with live music and stuff. Definitely want to live in Bristol some day!

    And yes, Reflex is like the dead end of the Earth. Mr Wolf's is much, much better.

    I hope everything goes to plan :)

    Love Chloe... xxx


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