Friday 22 July 2016

more days in devon.

Pick your own raspberries Ashburton, Devon. Vintage summer pin up girl outfit.
• vintage headscarf & shorts (these yellow shorts are cute too!) • pull & bear bardot toptopshop sunglasses

I've been feeling a little out of sorts lately, so when I had a few days off in a row & a heatwave was forecast, I was definitely due a little trip to the coast to spend some time with my family & friends.

The few days I spent there were full of the usual events - check out my best things to do in South Devon.

I arrived at my mum's late on Sunday night, ready for a full day of sunshine come Monday morning. My brother came over with the littlest one, and we headed over to Blackpool Sands for some beach fun. Unfortunately, they had to head off after a couple of hours to collect the slightly bigger one from the child minder's, but mum and I stayed on for an ice cream and a little longer in the blazing sun. 

Summer at the beach, big smiles.
Blackpool Sands, Devon. Summer 2016.
Chocolate ice cream melting in the heat at Blackpool Sands, Devon.
Lyzi girl in bikini licking ice cream at Blackpool Sands, Devon.
Girl in bikini at Blackpool Sands, Devon. Lyzi.
Canoe canoeing at Blackpool Sands, Devon.
Walk to Mansands, Kinsgwear, Devon.

After popping home for a swift outfit change, I headed back out to see my dad, Judith and Jazz (the dog). Last time we were all together, we were talking about having a nice evening picnic, like we did 3 years go! That evening was so lovely. 

This time we decided to walk down to a nearby beach - I don't think I'd been to Mansands since I was a kid! There were other families who had the same idea - BBQing and dipping in and out of the water, calling to their dogs. 

The sun crept away behind us and the pale full moon came out as we watched some boys in a canoe they had found, as well as an inquisitive seal!

Mansands, Kingswear Devon. Picnic rug on the pebbles.
Red wine picnic rug pebbles Mansands Kingswear Devon
Mansands, Kingswear Devon. Sunset flowers lake
Full Moon sunset Mansands Kingswear Devon Canoe boat
Pebble beach at Mansands Kingswear Devon

The next day, my brother came over with the littlest one again, and after seeing a big sign for it the day before, I decided we had to go raspberry picking at Ashburton. 

We got a lot of raspberries in our punnets - and quite a few in our mouths - before heading to Dartington for a quick picnic.

A little siesta was needed as the hottest day of the year had worn us out, and then I met up with two of my best girls for a BBQ for the evening.

Pick your own raspberries Ashburton, Devon. Vintage summer pin up girl outfit.

Pick your own raspberries Ashburton Devon. Full punnet of juicy ripe fruit.

Buildings surrounding Dartington Hall, Devon.
Summer essential iced coffee from The Curator Cafe, Totnes, Devon.
Falafel and pitta, and monkfish tail with sweetcorn and chilli salad.

On my last day of the trip, it was time for some quality time with mother. The day started as it always does - at our usual haunt - and this iced coffee really hit the spot! We sat in the sunshine and chatted to people we knew before finding some lunch at the Tangerine Tree, and having a good chat in their walled garden.

Before long, it was time for me to hop back on the train to Bristol. 

Until next time.

Summer flowers blooms hollyhocks.

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  1. So many beautiful photos Lyzi, sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time x

  2. This looks and sounds like such a lovely trip. What a gorgeous post!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  3. I love this time of year when it's still light but the moon is out! Beautiful photos. x

  4. Looks like a perfect few days! I love your raspberry picking outfit and your brother's hummingbird tattoo :)

  5. ahh i haven't been to devon in a while and this makes me really want to go again!

    xo Sarah
    Absolutely Sarah | Bloglovin

  6. Your outfit in the main image is DREAMY! (Been a reader of yours for 7? Yeah, 7 years, crikey! hi btw)

    First time I've heard of La Redoute and I really like the look of their wares but I not a confident online shopper! Would you consider them as a trustworthy online retailer? Cheers, Christie :)


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