Sunday 3 July 2016

the art of gift giving - taab london.

• cards & gift wrap c/o TAAB London Stationery • 

I love giving gifts to my favourite people. I love the process of collecting things I think they'll like during the weeks (& sometimes months!) leading up to their birthday. Sometimes it's nice to give a present for no real reason at all.

Another part of the gift giving experience is wrapping everything beautifully. I now have a drawer full of wrapping paper, washi tapes, ribbons and cards (my drawer of joy) and I like to take my time selecting paper and accessories that suit the present and the person, as well as a lovely card.

Yep, I'm one of those weird people who has a stack of cards just waiting for the right occasion. 

I never did this until CardNest came along with their subscription service. Now, instead of panicking when I've forgotten yet another birthday/life event, I just dig around in my drawer of joy until I find something suitable. 

It's also nice to have these cards hanging around for when you feel like sending a loved one a little surprise in the post to let them know you're thinking of them. 

Another company fuelling this (rather nice) habit is TAAB London. They very kindly sent me a package full of their beautiful gift wrap and cards, and that's what you can see here. 

They stock loads of gorgeous designs for every occasion. My favourites are of course anything with gold foiling on. 

At the moment, they are only stocking cards and paper, but are planning on branching out into other stationery. And if it's anything like this lot, I'm going to want it all! 

cards giftwrap

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  1. Lovely post and those peonies imbue the images with the feel of an old master. Glorious x

  2. Awh these photos are so gorgeous! Goodness I could spend so much on gift wrap, cards and stationary - don't even tempt me!



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