Wednesday 1 October 2014

october mini goals.

october goals

It's the return of the mini goals! I've had a few months off from these, which I really needed as I had a lot to deal with & get on with. But now I'm ready to tackle a few things! 


• Make our rooms amazing.
Doug and I have gained an extra room & are trying to make beautiful, functional spaces! Our bedroom is going to become a place for just relaxing, as we've aquired another room to use as a workspace! I'll be blogging our inspiration and progress some time soon.

• Have a wardrobe clear out.
I think this is on my goals list in some shape or form every time.. the end of a season is a good excuse to get rid of those clothes that I haven't worn. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog sale!

• Concentrate on my mental health.
I've been struggling with some of the big changes that have happened over the past year. The main one that has affected me is of course the death of my Granny, 3 months ago. I'm sure it's completely normal to feel this heartbroken after the loss of somebody so important, but it's starting to affect my life a little too much, and I want to start trying to turn things around & be more positive about life.
• Do something for Granny's birthday.
On the 19th October, it would've been my Granny's 91st birthday. My mum has suggested a family gathering to celebrate her life, and I think that it's a lovely idea, and a chance for us all to get together and remember such an incredible woman.

Check back at the beginning of November to see how I got on with this month's goals! 

If you want to read my past mini goals blog posts, you can do so here

Want do you want to achieve in October?

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  1. I hope you can start to feel more positive thereafter your celebration of her life. There's always someone to talk to.

  2. I love this idea of making mini goals each month. Much more doable than the huge goals we sometimes set for ourselves in the beginning of the year.

    1. Agreed!

  3. Great goals. I'm aiming to get my downstairs decorated before Christmas.

    Cat from OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  4. What a lovely post! I'm still decorating and trying to make the best of what space I have. I hope you have a lovely tea that sounds like a really great idea. xx


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