Friday 7 June 2013

barcelona: where we drank.

We did quite a lot of drinking while we were in Barcelona.. in fact, the first thing we did once we'd dropped our bags off was have a beer! These are our most favourite bars, and where you can find them.

First up is beautiful Ra, located just off La Rambla down an archway. We stumbled across this one by accident and ended up staying in there all night drinking cocktails, and we went back on my birthday! It's got a really relaxed atmosphere, mismatched furniture and fun wallpaper. The cocktails are yummy, but if you go to the two places below, they're half the price..

Just down the road and around the corner from Ra, on C dels Angels, there are two colourful and fun bars next to each other. One seems to have a Spanish/Mexican theme and is called Rosa del Raval, and the other one is Vietnamese called Bun Bo. They both do cocktails for €3.50!

Around a couple more corners along C de Joaquin Costa is Betty Ford's, which Sally told us about. We found the road it's down to be a bit dodgy, with a few men making comments in our direction, but once you're there it's really cool. They play awesome old rock n roll.

Another bar we fell in love with is down a tiny road on the other side of La Rambla. Sally gave us this recommendation also, and we were actually convinced we'd never find it and just went in the first cool old bar we came across. It turned out to be the right one (I think!) and they served free tapas with the drinks. I've no idea what we were eating but it was yummy. 

It's called La Alcoba Azul, and you'll know the place because it has candles burning, with ridiculous amounts of wax dripping down the sides. It's tiny, but absolutely incredible.

Finally, the fairy bar - a fun place down near the port. This is down a little road by the Museu de Cera, just off La Rambla. It's just ridiculous inside - whoever created it must've had a brilliant time! There are trees and leaves everywhere, and even a waterfall!


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  1. All these places look great, that fairy tale bar looks incredible! Like freaking awesome! xxx

  2. oh my god oh my god. the fairy bar. this is adorable. i looks like you had an awesome time xx

  3. Such a beautiful place!


  4. Would love to come here!


  5. So many awesome places :) loving all the paper lanterns, really beautiful xoxo


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