Friday 31 May 2013

here in my room.

Come on in...
This is my safe place, my haven, my space filled with favourite objects and images. Come in and have a little nose around. Details of most items can be found at the bottom, if there's anything else you want to know, tweet me!

Up the creaky stairway.
Past my bag & suitcase collection on the left.
To my collection of pretty things.
Sea-themed artwork.
A summery outfit.
Around the corner to my wardrobe!
So many patterns!
Weepy looks over my stairs and keeps me safe.
Bookshelves that I clearly made myself!
There's usually a cup of tea in my room, and remnants of Doug.
Pretty creatures.
Gifts and found objects.
Books handmade by me, zines, etc.
Some of my favourites.
DVDs stored at the end, LUSH moisturiser, worry doll from Thailand.
Current reading material.
My desk and dressing table area.
Daily essentials - ipad, notebooks, diary.
Current inspiration and drawing stuff.
Invites, Ella's business cards, and an awesome painting!
Necklaces and pretty things.
Something we should all do...
My rings.
My bed! And desk beyond.
Where my laptop usually resides.
My present, my future.

• "L" door sign - gift • coloured circular hanging mirrors - really old gift • vintage suitcases and woven bags • Topshop satchel • Ikea lantern • Fentimans rose lemonade bottle with wilkinsons fake flowers • vintage cat teapot, jug & vase • charity shop ship painting • large fish canvas & jellyfish watercolour by me • mermaid & moon painting by Anne Blondie Bengard • mermaid in tank painting by Caitlin Shearer • Urban Outfitters felt hat, vintage dress from Paris • grumpy cat by James Davies • charity shop/recycling centre Dalecarlian horses • charity shop massive Snoopy mug • vintage tray from the tip, recently re-covered • "love" notebook from Ella Masters • Paperchase diary • striped sewing machine cover & raindrops made by me • "just another braindead blogger" painting by Oli "Pops" Read • moon & cat drawings by Harriet Gray • Lazy Oaf & Galibardy tooth necklaces • charity shop/sainsburys/handmade bedsheets, blanket from Totnes market • Panasonic headphones • house print by Rob Hodgson • Printic instagram prints • moons & portraits by me • 

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  1. This is quite possibly my most favourite post of yours! I love your room, theres so much too it and really full of character and self's the sort of room i'd love to secretly nose around in lol (weirdo sylv!) aha. Such a lovely post Lyzi, it makes me want to move back home and get messy in my old bedroom! xox

  2. i love this! so much colour and patterns and prettiness :) just my thing. always makes me happy to see lots of books too.

  3. aww! so sweet that you kept my little moon drawing and card :) :) :)

  4. I really like these pictures of your room! You have a cosy place :D Great post!

    X Valérie

  5. Lovely post, so many trinkets and interesting pretty things to look at :)


  6. This post was lovely and it made me smile a lot! Thanks for inviting us into your safe place.

  7. Your room is so lovely!! <3

  8. Your room is absolutely perfect. <3

  9. Your closet and your books and EVERYTHING <3 It looks wonderful!! Your room looks like... how do I say this without sounding obvious... like it's yours, like it really belongs to someone that loves being in it.

    Catching Stars

  10. Your room is gorgeous, and it looks huge!!

    Jess xo

  11. I'm so jealous, your room has so much personality. It's so bright and colourful. Mine feels like a sterile white box compared to this. Wonderful post xoxo

  12. I love room tours, yours is so pretty.


  13. Your room is so lovely! xx

  14. I could easily spend hours exploring all the art in your room, love your bookshelf and clothing rail :D

  15. Your room is amazing! I've always always wanted a bedroom with its own little staircase! Mega envious of you right now ;)

  16. wow wow wow! i am actually in love with your room! it's pretty, cosy and most importantly has character and is personal to you. it's like a large treasure chest!


  17. I love your room!! All the art, colors + odds and ends are so lovely!! xo

  18. this is so perfect!!

  19. Lyzi this is so beautiful! My favourite little detail are the pictures you have of Doug with the words 'Past present and future written underneath' so so beautiful.

    What a cosy little space xxxx

  20. Oh wow! Your room is gorgeous Lyzi! Everything is just so lovely and pretty! xxx

  21. I love these types of posts, your room is filled with so many inspirational and creative things! x

  22. Whenever I see a smidge of your room in one of your posts it inspires me and this post has actually made my day, your room is so so perfect and creative, definitely inspired once again!

  23. You have a great bedroom, it definitely looks like a haven! My bedroom is my favourite place!

  24. Seriously loved this post, your room is just lovely and it looks really peaceful too :)

    I also adore your little collection of teeth necklaces! Teeth things are the best XD


  25. Your room is so so perfect and so personal to you too. I love all the little bits and bobs you surround yourself with :) I also really admire your suitcase collection! Room tours are my favourite and yours is one of the best I've ever seen. xx

  26. such a pretty bedroom, wish mine looks half cute as yours! really enjoied this mini tour!

    have a nice weekend!

  27. I LOVE this. I love getting to look at neat things people have in their houses/rooms! :)

    & I have ALWAYS wanted a slanted ceiling! Jealous. ;) haha. I'd love if you did a post about some of your books! Looking at other's bookshelves (and finding new books to read!) is so fun to me.

  28. Your room is ridiculously cute! And I spy Oh Comely magazine. Can't get enough of that, I read it cover to cover. x

    Adrienne | Late Night Nonsense

  29. I love everything about this post! Your book shelf is amazing, and so unique too :) xoxo

  30. Aw yay, beautiful room! Mine used to be so much like this, makes me want to hoard little treasures again :) I just posted a bedroom tour too, as I gave my bedroom a makeover this week -

  31. such a magical room of yours! really! so cute, so simple..

  32. Your room looks so pretty! I love how you have so many trinkets and special finds around. I really need to make my room feel more like home, moving house every year makes in difficult to feel like its my room rather than just somewhere to sleep.

  33. We have the same taste in movies and I have the digital version of the Miranda July book.
    Sweet room. xx

  34. It's so you, kooky, creative and cosy. Very awesome, it reminds me a bit of my room when I was younger. I bloody loved that room. I had a desk with a snail as my cellotape holder, a crochet blanket, books, and loads of colourful notepads stacked up. I wish I could still have it now, it was my favourite place in the world. I hope one day I can create something like this in our house, even if it's a nook or an office. Dreamy. xx


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