Wednesday 22 May 2013

dot to dot.

There is SO MUCH good stuff happening in Bristol this weekend, it's actually a little ridiculous. The whole city seems to be making the most of the bank holiday, and along side Love Saves The Day and Upfest (a graffiti festival near my home!) we have the awesome Dot to Dot fest! So I suggest that if you live anywhere nearby, you should get your little butts over here! 

If you haven't heard of Dot to Dot before, it's a cool festival that's held in various venues across three cities, and on Saturday it comes to Bristol. I'm particularly looking forward to this year, as my beloved Matthew&Me are playing! 

They've just been recording their new EP with Bruno Ellingham - who just won producer of the year, dontcha know - ready for release in July! They also just signed up with Quest Management, with the likes of Arcade Fire and Noah & The Whale. So it's a great time to catch them, along with the huge truckload of other bands that are playing! 

You can follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and check out their swanky new website

Or, just sit back and have a little look at this fun Where The Wild Things Are -esque music video below :)

So, will I be seeing any of your faces around Bristol this weekend then?!

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  1. Sounds interesting, Bristol isn't actually too far for me so may be worth a venture. Annoyingly I have plans in place for Saturday but I may find out if anything is happening on the Sunday. x

  2. I'm going! I'll be sad to miss Matthew & Me as I've been following them on your recommendation and I love their EP, unfortunately they clash majorly with Dry the River, my actual favourites, I am hoping to see some other new music while I'm there though :)

    How exciting!

  3. Lovely post!

    I moved to Bristol about 9 months ago and can never believe some of the amazing things that go on here!

    Don't forget about VegFest though!

    =) xx

  4. I'm going to Dot To Dot in Bristol this weekend as well! Can't wait! :D Thanks for the Matthew&Me share.

  5. ooh I love Chapel Club, might see what time they are on :) Used to go to this with a big gang when I wa sin uni but not been for the past two years x

  6. Hopefully will be popping into the city, really want to catch Lucy Rose.. need to check for tix. Thanks for the reminder :) Rosie x

  7. gahhh I'm oh so jealous! ^o^ x

  8. Woah, looks awesome. I love The 1975, they are playing in Sheffield tonight and gutted I missed out on tickets.

  9. I'll be at love saves the day! Wish they werent both on the same weekend though, gutted to be missing lucy rose! Vegfest is also in Bristol and on this weekend haha so busy!

  10. The line up is always great at Dot to Dot! I'm moving to the area soon - wish it was sooner so I could have attended the festival. Hope you had a good time!

    Lois x

  11. This looks amazing, hope you enjoyed yourself! I love the 1975 x


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