Wednesday 30 November 2011


To be honest, I forgot to blog about my last Glossybox... sometimes life gets on top of you. Anyway, here's what I thought of each product I got this month...

ARBONNE FC5 ULTRA HYDRATING HAND CRÈME: I love this hand cream. I always seem to have dry hands, so I love having lots of little tubes I can keep in my bags. The product is moisturising, not greasy. And, after a few hours of smelling my hands trying to work it out, I realised it smells like satsumas! YUM!

PHILIP KINGSLEY ELASTICIZER: Okay, to be honest, I can't be bothered to use this product. It seems like soooo much effort. You have to wet your hair, then section it and rub the product in to your hair, then leave it under a plastic cap for like 20 minutes. I know I'm laid up at the moment, but even I feel like that's a waste of time. I can't imagine that it would make that much difference to my hair..

ETRO FRAGRANCES: All of these smell yummy! Again, I like having little perfumes to chuck in my bag, and these will all be in there at some point!

NAIL ROCK DESIGNER NAIL WRAPS: This was the first time I'd tried to apply nail wraps myself and I found them really fiddly. I think with practice you could probably get a good effect, but mine didn't sit flat to my nail, and started peeling up at the edges pretty quickly. I've had nail wraps applied professionally (Nailease ones) and they lasted a couple of hours at the most before they started coming off. I can understand that nail wraps are a quick and easy way to get crazy nails, but they're not for me.

DEAD SEA SPA MAGIK BATH SALTS: I've used these once so far, and I don't really see a difference in my skin. I put 2 handfuls into my warm bath, and didn't really notice it. Next bath I have, I'm going to pour the rest in and see what happens :)

Have you tried a Glossybox yet? What did you think?


  1. pretty glad i cancelled my glossybox last month tbh. this month's looked rubbish and i couldn't justify £13 on samples i hardly ever used. great idea in theory! i'd rather read reviews now then decide on that if a product is worth buying x

  2. I had exactly the same problem with the nail wraps, they were all lumpy and creased round the edges. I ended up ripping them off after a day, didn't do much good for my nails though :/

  3. I'm still undecided whether to sign up for glossybox or not, I probably won't as its a waste of money for me; as I'm not that into beauty stuff, but I do love the idea of having a little surprise every month.. ah so undecided!

    The Deer Head


  4. I don't understand why so many of the nail wraps are in such simple designs that would be quite easy to do with normal nail polishes! They should make more wraps with more complicated designs like marbling or intricate patterns to make them more worth it I think :)

  5. I still haven't tried a glossybox yet, quite tempted to though! I really want to try some nail wraps, but I'm so bad at doing anything fiddly, and probably wouldn't even be able to put them on without looking like a 5 year old did them, ha!
    Hope you're feeling better! I really love your blog! :)
    Charlestown, xoxo.

  6. i also didnt notice a difference in my bath! not sure if your supposed to pour the whole thing in? hmm!



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