Friday 24 June 2011

what lies ahead.

A rather lovely shirt I got from Primark the other day!

Hiiiii! I feel like all I've done recently are "filler" posts, just something to keep you going while I'm too busy to come up with "proper" posts, but life gets a little busy sometimes and I find it difficult to keep my mind on lots of things!!

The past couple of days have been both fun and tedious. The tedious parts being scanning, editing and resizing all the images for my future website/online portfolio, and the fun parts being shopping and going to new places with Kayley.

Today we went to a part of Torquay called St Marychurch, and I'm annoyed at myself that I've never been before! It's really cute and full of elderly people and and charity shops. The main street is so pretty with traditional looking shops everywhere, it felt like we went back in time! I didn't take any photos but I'll definitely be going back there, maybe next week! (Also, I'd like to point out the surname of one of the ladies who works in Oxfam is Gubbins. One of the best surnames I've ever heard!)

Which brings me onto more future plans and bloggy bits - next week I have at least two arty events lined up which I can hopefully blog about, and I'm going to share with you the pretty things I've bought over the past couple of days, AND I have loads of clothes to sell! So keep your peepers peeled for all of that.

Last, but definitely not least! Plans for a second South West Blogger Meet are being made as we speak!! It will be in Bristol again, on Friday August 12th! Please put it in your diary, book it off work, make transport plans etc because this WILL be happening! We're still in the very early stages of planning so if you have any bright ideas, please send them our way! To register your interest please email me AND Bee at: AND !!


  1. I love that shirt :)
    Wish I could make the South West Meet but I really don't know down here very well! :(

  2. I bought that shirt last week but I haven't worn it yet! What did you pair it with? You little sexpot, I can never have eyeliner all the way round my eyes. xx

  3. I see all of your posts as proper posts Lyzi, I love your conversational, laidback posts (: Looking gorgey as ever, that shirt looks so nice. I'm super excited for the meet-up! I've already emailed you and Bee, but I think we can put me down as a definite, Rosie found me some bargainous tickets! Hope you're well (: xxx

  4. Your so called "filler" posts have been lovely!

    Great shirt too, wish we had Primark here :(

  5. That shirt is gorgeous!! I wish I could make it to all of these blogger meets, they'd be awesome! x

  6. I wish I suited such shirts. You look lovely. Alas, I was born with the shoulders of a man. Baaaaah, can't wait for the meet up. Hope I have some £, haha! Lovely lovely.

    P.S Totally want to be called Bee Gubbins.

  7. I have that shirt, i love it :) You look beautiful x

  8. I love the name Mrs Gubbins - would be a good name to use for a character in a story (might have to jot it in my ideas notebook!)
    As Michelle mentioned above, I've found some cheap coach tickets so hopefully I will be able to come to the meetup! Just need to ask my boss for the day off for and then I'll email you and Bee to confirm - exciting!
    Also, I love your chatty posts - not 'filler' at all. Looking forward to seeing some photos of St Marychurch, it sounds lovely.

  9. i don't think the "filler" posts are really filler's at all! they are lovely little snippets :)
    i wish so much i could come to your blogger meet ups! i don't know any other bloggers from my province sadly, and they look so fun!

  10. Oh I'm so glad you are doing another meet up. I had to miss the last one because of visiting my dad for his birthday but by the time the second one happens i will (hopefully) be living in Bath which will make it so much easier to get to Bristol. Put my name down, highlight it and add a few gold stars because I'm not missing it this time


  11. Great blog, I always use 'filler' posts but I call them 'Catch up's' :)

    Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;


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