Wednesday 23 February 2011


You may have noticed a sweet little button over there ---->

Well, click it, and you'll be taken to a new design company TOTAL JERK. It's made up of four dickheads who went to uni together:

"T-shirts are our main focus, but we play with other things too.
Each of us have experience in different creative industries but they didn't really suit us.
We wanted to do everything by ourselves and in our way.
Dealing in graphic, product and web-design. We specialize in illustration, photography and branding.
Whatever you need for your company, stag night, advertising campaign or work event, we can create it for you."

They've just got their first two designs printed on lots of lovely tshirts, and they're for sale in the shop now!! They have girls' and guys' sizes too so you have no excuse to not check it out :)

I decided to get both, because I'm greedy, and the designs are just so different that I couldn't choose! Their logo on the back is a nice touch as well.

There are so many more amazing designs coming very soon. I'm looking forward to the anchor design being printed because, let's face it, anchors are sweeeeeet.

(those are my brother's cats, by the way! i'm taking care of them while he's in prague)


  1. 'Four dickheads who went to uni together' hahaha I'm guessing you know said dickheads? Sweet tshirts!! xx

  2. I really like the "No Brainer" shirt. I find it hard to find t-shirts that fit a girl's body nicely without looking to box-y. But I love the way the fit is on you. Definitely going to check out the site!

  3. Such great designs- really love the deer one! And with a logo that cute they're bound to catch the eye of many bloggers ;)


  4. Their designs are pretty awesome, alright!

  5. Oooh, love the quirky designs. They look like they're a nice fit too.

  6. Loving those tees! Must go check them out!


  7. Loving the designs! Especially the deer one :D

  8. haha do you know these guys? I love the tees, especially the stag head one! x

  9. These are SWEET! :) im a total tshirt fiend. These remind me of a brand called Yack Fou which I bought a few tee's of from berlin. Loves it! xx

  10. Too cute! I really like you in the deer/butter fly tee.

    Also, I think when getting packages in the post having lovely wrapping paper really adds!

    Great post!

  11. these look great on you! very cool :)

  12. You have the nicest hair style! I wish I could pull off the blunt fringe like that.

  13. aww!! Keep the kitties! hehehe steal them, steal them! hehe
    I love their logo! Really like the bold black cloud, really appealing :) I definitely liek the stag head and butterfly wings t best - looks like a good sunday sloucher :)
    found you through Jazzabelle, love your cute style :)


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