Tuesday 18 December 2018

pass the love on.

• this is a sponsored post, but all opinions & photos are mine! •

'tis the season to spread love and kindness! 

How do you let your loved ones know that you care? Are you a big gesture kind of person, or a day to day little things lover? 

I try to make my friends and family feel loved, but it is easy to let it slide when you see those people all the time. As part of Thorntons' Pass The Love On campaign, they've asked me to show you how I make my loved ones feel valued. 

It can be as simple as being honest about what you love about them and how much. So often we don't tell people how we feel. Positive affirmations, encouragement, and affection are the best way to express how much you care, so why don't we all try to do that more often?

• send a heartfelt letter
• offer to help, especially if it's something they find difficult
• take them on a little date or day out
• pop round for a chat
• cook them dinner
• do helpful things without them having to ask
• call them 
• bring them a cup of tea

Little gifts are a nice way to remind people they are loved, too. Sometimes I see things and think "X would like that!" so I buy it. Sometimes I'll give it to them for no occasion, sometimes I'll squirrel it away for Christmas or a birthday. 

Edible gifts are always welcome, in my opinion. I left a box of chocolates for my housemates before heading down to Devon with another one to give to my mum! A selection of lovely chocolates is a sure fire way to let someone know you love them.

Thorntons recently gave 3 people the chance to be reunited with loved ones who cannot be with them this Christmas. The competition is now closed, but there will be some tear jerking videos out soon showing how those reunions went.

A donation of sales of all products in the Thorntons Continental selection will go directly to SSAFA, who support servicemen & women, veterans and their families.

How are you passing the love on this Christmas, and throughout the year?

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  1. These chocolates look so scrumptious!
    Debs @

    1. starten: Ein Leitfaden für Anfänger (+11 ... Das Affiliate-Marketing-Modell

  2. Those are all such wonderful ways to pass around the warmth ♥ I love doing little day to day things. Such as surprising my friends with coffee in the morning while they are at work (before I head to work). Those chocolates look delicious!


  3. Expressing love varies greatly; some favor grand gestures, while others cherish small acts of kindness. Whether it's extravagant displays or simple gestures, conveying care is key. In the midst of affection, contemporary trends like loungefly mini-backpacks may serve as delightful tokens, symbolizing thoughtfulness and affection.

  4. Expressing love varies: grand gestures or daily acts? Each holds its charm, resonating differently with individuals. It's akin to preferences in leisure - some favor the excitement of an ace swimming pool while others cherish the tranquility of smaller joys. Ultimately, it's the sincerity behind the gesture that truly matters.


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