Sunday 16 December 2018

tote bag essentials.

What do you carry around on a daily basis? 

My essentials seem to change over time, other than the usual wallet and keys. In the past year I've fallen fully back in love with reading, writing, and music. I often find that when I'm stressed and anxious, these things fall by the wayside, and little pleasures become secondary to just trying to keep on top of basic daily tasks. 

Reading is a real treat, one that I truly appreciate after years of not being able to concentrate on it. Just this morning I finished So Sad Today, and will be dipping into She Must Be Mad by this evening, I'm sure. 

Alongside reading often comes writing, for me. I get so inspired. Instead of annotating my books like I used to, I make sure to carry around a notebook & pen/pencil at all times. I have so many now, littered with half-thoughts and prose. I'm not sure whether anything will ever happen with the things I write down, but it's good to get it out of my head. This one is good as well, because the pages are blank, so I can draw in it if the feeling takes me. 

I finally got myself a reusable coffee cup a couple of months ago. This Stojo one is brilliant, because it's collapsible!  

Finally, some new earphones, kindly gifted from Sudio. I've been thinking about going wireless for a while, as I thought they'd be much better for the gym, and lo and behold, they are. I can cycle and lift weights without getting tangled up. They're also perfect for stomping into town, without having to thread them through all my winter layers, and they're so light I forget they're there.

And, just look at them - the perfect colour. Studio quality sound. And they don't get tangled!  

Sudio are currently offering a free gift box with every purchase & free delivery, so if you want to get a last minute Christmas gift, go go go!

You can also get 15% off with my discount code: beinglittle 

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  1. Those earphones are so pretty in the rose gold colour :)
    Debs @

  2. Those earphones are such a pretty color! I love using a tote bag as my purse -- I can fit SO many goodies in it ha ha!

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  4. In the past year, I've rediscovered my passion for reading, writing, and music, immersing myself in their beauty and creativity. As a chimney sweep killeen, I've found solace and inspiration in these timeless pursuits, enriching both my personal and professional life.


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