Friday, 27 July 2018

discovering better sleep with leesa.

• this mattress was sent to me for review by Leesa & contains affiliate links, but all views are my own! •

A lot can happen in a bed - first kisses, break ups, falling in love, finding inspiration, crying, and millions of tiny things in between. It's where I do my most important thinking, my most important work. It's where I drink my cup of tea in the morning, and where I hide away from the world. My bed has always been my safe place, my haven, and it felt like time to make it a better place to rest my head at night. 

I got my previous mattress as my 18th birthday present - I'll let you do the maths on that one - so it was definitely past its best. 

I'm stupidly sentimental when it comes to things, and the thought of letting go of this mattress that had seen me through so much felt kind of odd. From the nights that I couldn't sleep thinking about all the things that hurt, to the years of exhaustion, laughing until I cried with special people, sleepovers, and all the rest - every little bump and dip felt like it held a memory. 

I was kind of worried that I wouldn't be able to sleep on my new mattress - I thought the unfamiliar feeling of it might throw me off - but as soon as I unrolled it and felt so soft it was, I didn't feel so bothered.

One of the great things about Leesa mattresses, is that they come rolled up in a box. This was great for me for two reasons - it didn't take up much space while I was waiting for the old mattress to be collected, and it was much easier to navigate up my two flights of narrow stairs! 

All you need to do is slip it out of its box, take the plastic off and let it unfurl, then leave it for a few hours to get fully plump. To be honest though, I had to test it immediately, and it already felt pretty incredible. The mattresses are engineered with three different foam layers, for cooling, body contouring and pressure-relieving core support - no wonder it's so comfy.

Since then I've been sleeping pretty soundly, but another good thing about Leesa mattresses, is that you get 100 nights to test it, and if you don't find it comfortable, you can send it back! 

If that's not enough reasons to go for one, how about this: they're made in the UK, they donate 1 mattress for every 10 that they sell, they plant a tree for every purchase, and they regularly volunteer and donate to their local communities! 

You can get £100 off your very own Leesa mattress by entering the code BEINGLITTLE at the checkout - don't say I never give you anything! Head to the website to buy.

It felt like the right thing to do to make my cosy little corner an even nicer place to be, so I tidied up my vintage bedside table and added a few nice books and flowers. I finally hung my planters with pretty string of hearts plants, and added a David Shrigley print which says "everything is good".

I keep a candle on the other side, which I love to light before I go to sleep, as I'm winding down. I find little rituals and routines like this so helpful for getting a good night's sleep! 

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