Tuesday 18 July 2017

3 colourful dip recipes.

This time of year is great for food - so many yummy fruits and veggies are in season! I often find myself wanting to eat fresh things - cool salads etc - but sometimes I get stuck in a rut with them, and they need a bit of jazzing up. 

These dips are great accompaniments to loads of meals, or just for dipping a carb of your choice into! 

Panasonic sent over their amazing food processor* for me to test out. Food processors are great because they're so versatile - you can pretty much do anything with them (especially when they come with loads of different attachments like this one does!). I remember making cake batter in my mum's one a lot when I was younger, they can also be used to grate/chop veggies quickly, make breadcrumbs, curry pastes, soups, sauces... basically pretty much anything you can think of. 

Panasonic food processor
Panasonic food processor
Panasonic food processor attachments

I was inspired by Caroline's photo on Instagram to make a beetroot dip, because who can resist that goddamn COLOUR?! And why not make a couple more while you're at it? 

These are some great recipes below! Even better with some cannellini beans blended in too, or chickpeas if you fancy! They give it a bit more body, and a lil bit of protein too.

* Panasonic Food Processor sent for review purposes.

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  1. These look perfect for a summer garden party. Let's do it! 😎

  2. Makes me want to make my own dippings!


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